A Week in Mental Health

It has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life. It was full of depression, sleepless nights, a touch of social anxiety, and triumph in the face of it all–and it is only Friday.

Depression, Sleeplessness, Anxiety, and Triumph


At times there is both darkness and light in this mental illness life. I experienced a bit of both during this week.


After a very sleepless weekend, I entered Monday with hope.  I ended up taking a long nap in the middle of the day because of depression, and it really messed up my day. Taking naps is a rare occurrence, but it set the stage for the rest of the week. I was out of sorts, and my productivity was very little. What exaggerated my depression was my lack of productivity. What compounded was that I didn’t know it, but I was in store for one of the wost sleepless nights in a long time.


Sleep eluded me until about five in the morning, and I got about two hours of restlessness and anxiety filled rest (if you can call it that at all.) I had some productivity in my school work, but it was mostly reading my novel for my class. I was exhausted all day and yet the sleepless nights continued.


This was perhaps the worst day of the week. I was listless. I wanted no part of this day that was filled with a missed therapy appointment and another appointment that ended up being pushed to Thursday. It was another lost day, and to be honest, my social anxiety was hitting new levels. So I just gave up (yeah that happens even to me!)


My first day of redemption. I finished a critical appointment and spend a couple of hours writing and studying. It was not the most productive day, but I got my research done which helped move me back in the right direction (I hate research!)


Today I had a plan. Get up. Get some coffee and breakfast and write my paper. Done. I wanted to write a new blog post (almost done.) The rest of my day will be closing out a freelance project (get paid) and then work towards getting ready for some time off Saturday.


I triumphed over the last two days even though my mental illness wanted to control the outcome of my week. I had to make adjustments, and go through some tough days, but right now I feel as if I am back on track.

This mental illness life is funny life that sometimes. I wish that life was always perfection and moving along at a great pace, but the truth is mental illness demands to be heard, it does not mean it has to control your every moment.

I honestly beleive that the struggles make us so much stronger.

Stay strong in the fight, and always…

Always Keep Fighting

P.S. I am so close to publishing my memoir The Bipolar Writer, and I have a great cover artist. Anything you can donate to my publishing memoir would be greatly appriciated.

Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to Business

I am looking to expand The Bipolar Writer blog to new territories that include having the blog sell books for other artists (if I can make everything work). I am also looking to sell my own book here on my blog. I hate asking for donations but I have to do what I can.


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20 Replies to “A Week in Mental Health”

  1. It sucks to accidentally miss therapy appointments. That happens to me once in a great while, and I think that ironically, those of us with mental illness are more prone to these accidents when he actually need the therapy the most :/ I hope things go better with your therapy after this week.

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  2. It’s no fun when during those weeks that feel like work/try to sleep, then –so tired… but it sounds like you have been getting some goals achieved, kudos!

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  3. I feel your pain when I plan my mind is so concentrated on the list of events when something happens to interrupt them my whole existence is through off and I struggle to get back to the place of feeling OK and the time spent doing this throws everything off. Like the earth is rotating on an expected axis and when it is messed with everything including gravity can be affected. Thanks for sharing! Keep on writing =)

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  4. One thing we need to remind ourselves that everyone has good and bad days even people without mental illness. People without mental illness aslo struggle at varying degrees. It is normal. I have lived with mental illness so long that I need to remind myself this. It is hard to remember what it is like to be so-called “normal” and what is normal anyway. Who is normal? What is the measurement for it? Let’s face it, sometimes life and living is just tough… for everyone.

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    1. After reading my response, I thought maybe I should clarify a bit of it. I just meant not to be too tough on yourself and sometimes we blame mental illness on everything when it is just a part of everyday life. Do you know what I mean… kind of?? I was just thinking that even people that don’t have a mental illness diagnosis sometimes have trouble sleeping or miss appointments etc. Just a thought or a few thoughts to ponder… Sometimes not being able to sleep can be realted to drinking too much caffeine even when we have a mental illness. I know this is something I have looked into and it has helped my sleeping to drink my caffeine earlier in the day. Just some random thoughts after reading your post. Thank you for sharing. James you are doing well. Here’s to next week being a great one.

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    1. Thank you. I seemed impossible at one point, I even considered asking for more time due to mental health, but I hate using what is wrong with me as an excuse. I keep fighting in hopes to show others they can do the same.

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  5. I admire your ability to press on, to overcome. You are an inspiration to others. Thanks for taking time to share your week with this post, even though it was a hard week. Keep on writing. (BTW, I never liked the research either!)

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  6. This is very appreciated. It helps to hear others who struggle as I do, who overcome and push through. The past few months it’s felt like drowning. All we can do is push through.

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