A Guest Blog Post – Melisa Marzett

Today I am sharing a second post from Melisa Marzett who talks about how to keep a child mentally healthy. I am very happy to share this guest blog post because it covers an important topic that we need to discuss here on The Bipolar Writer blog.

How to Keep a Child Mentally Healthy

According to the latest studies, a sustained retreat of mental health is observed among and this process begins at the age of 14 at an average. Most children think about suicide at least once in a lifetime and it takes a heavy toll on the quality of their everyday life.

However, parents, following certain recommendations, can help their children to become healthier psychologically. Let us take a closer look at these tips.

  1. Initiate the communication

Today, having communication between people through SMS messages and messages on social networks only, common communication can help a child to strengthen a mental health. Ask a child what troubles him/her; take interest whether there are any problems. Let the child open up. Let him/her talk, do not criticize and do not push. The child should not have fears that s/he can be judged.

  1. Keep calm

Parents have hard times seeing their children unhappy and suffering from negative emotions, problems, etc. parents panic in such cases and show an inadequate reaction. This is unacceptable. Parents should keep calm in any cases and show patience. In case of some situation to put you in a bind, share your feelings with someone close and ask for an advice.

  1. Find time for a child

Your child is always in need of your help. You can become a best friend for him/her. Your presence in life, being ready to listen and support will help to keep head above water. Of courseя, it is very difficult to find a balance between work and family these days. However, your child goes through hard times, so try to spend as much time together as possible.

  1. Let a child feel safe

Be there for a child and show your love so s/he felt safe. Cook your child`s favorite dish for dinner or dine together with your family in a café. Many children feel different psychological disturbance (stress, anxiety and so on) because they do not feel safe. Go through a variety of means in order to give a feeling of safety to a child – and the kid will feel much better.

  1. Calm the child down

People tend to worry and think that the situation is much worse than it really is. If the child feels worried because of something, make think that nothing bad happens. It will help the child to calm down. Set the child for a positive perception of the situation and make think that everything is going to be okay.

  1. Ask for help

If no methods mentioned above brought the desired result, and you do not see any positive changes in behavior and mood of your child, apply for the professional help of a psychologist. The latter will be able to define precisely what negative emotions of a child are connected with, and to remedy the situation on time.

In addition, it is very important to the child picked up support from a family, schoolteachers and friends.

All the while, a mental health was not given due consideration. However, it is vitally important for everyone, especially for children. Children are helpless, and oftentimes they cannot understand, how to behave in one situation or another. If your child undergoes difficulties, provide help. It will help in not a specific situation only, but also will strengthen a mental health, which will benefit greatly beyond doubts in the future.

About the Author

Melisa Marzett is a young writer who works on guest articles for different online resources in general and http://findwritingservice.com in particular. She does not have children as of yet but planning and has always dreamt of having two – a boy and a girl. Her parents are a perfect example of what a family should be like. They live and love each other for 30 years now and Melisa hopes to have as strong and loving family in the future.

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  1. Excellent. Parents need to know this kind of thing. If it becomes common knowledge, then our next generation can be so much better.

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