Silent Dawn


Silent Dawn

By: Francesca Seopa

Follow me,
Oh Dear friend,
Through this ochre world.
A world where no man’s heart Beats for others.
A world where no blood will warm your bodies;
And has the personality of winter.
A world where no patience exists,
And promises aren’t for keeping.
Welcome, To the World of Stone.**


Thank you for being with me. I look Forward to seeing you again soon. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind.




8 Replies to “Silent Dawn”

  1. Wow, where no hearts beats for others. This describes exactly what I feel somedays. It’s like I want to care but I just feel so numb. You did an Akzo job expressing yourself in this peice

  2. Lovely!
    Question, why is the ‘B’ capitalised in this line; “A world where no man’s heart Beats for others.”? Is that of any significance?
    Great read though 🙂

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