10 Things I am Grateful for in my Mental Health – Fall Edition

With all the bad that comes with this time of year, yes I am talking about our old friend depression, it is essential to talk about the things that we are grateful for in our mental health. It is the little things that make life worth living even when starting down lousy depression that is “known” during the fall and winter months of my life. So, here are ten things I am grateful for in my mental health– fall edition.

  1. Waking up knowing today is another opportunity.
  2. The amazingly different coffee flavors that are available at Starbucks.
  3. Finding inspiration for poetry writing outside in the beautiful fall days.
  4. The fact that it does not snow in this part of California.
  5. When it is cold outside, but I am inside with a nice cup of coffee or tea and writing post for my blog.
  6. Hearing the amazing stories of people triumphing when depression takes over.
  7. The rain. Interestingly enough I love to listen to the rain, and it always inspires me to write.
  8. Knowing I can share my mental illness experiences here with a positive community.
  9. Binge watching my favorite shows under a pile of blankets or reading a good book all weekend.
  10. Spending time with my nieces.

Positive lists are great for the soul and for your mental health. I could have easily added more to this list. So, what are the things you are grateful for during the fall? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Always Keep Fighting


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145 Replies to “10 Things I am Grateful for in my Mental Health – Fall Edition”

  1. Thank you for sharing this James! I’ve just recently picked back up with blogging due to dealing with my mood disorder (and just the business of life) and it’s SO good to see someone who I can relate to. As I fall back into a depressed phase it’s so important to have these positive and uplifting messages so thank you SO much!

      1. Definitely! We have several things in common. Nice to see. Thanks again for sharing

  2. I love this post in so many ways. I recently came out of a funk I didn’t realize I had let get so bad. Practicing all the mental health things is my main focus right now, along with my blog (ok, I have kids so besides them). I also love me a good list.

  3. This is such an important post! Gratitude lists are something that I need to incorporate into my daily routine – they just set you up for a more clear mindset before facing the day. Thank you, James!

  4. Great, post, I am in my own struggles, and often don’t know what do, spending some family time is helping me, it’s great!, good blog, thank you for sharing!

  5. Lovely post, always good to remind yourself of the positive things in life sometimes! Im grateful for the family and friends I get to have around me at Christmas time.

  6. Love this list!!! You’re right, focusing on what we have to be grateful for helps us get through those slumps by reshifting our focus. Thanks for sharing this. Glad to have found your site. Blessings.

  7. Holidays bring in a great deal of depression for many Americans. It’s quite sad. Sometimes we need to put ourselves in someone’s shoes and THINK.

  8. Excellent article and a great list of things to be grateful for. Right now, despite all the stress and the fighting with depression, I am grateful for my two children and getting to see fall and the holiday season through their eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Yes, it is very important to keep enhancing our mental and physical health on a daily basis. I am able to do so by constantly practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis. Here is a reference to one link that has immensely helped me maintain calm and peace in my life in addition to my physical health – https://ashmayuyoga.com/lifestyle/how-to-be-healthy-and-happy/ Hope the readers of this blog would benefit from this piece as well.

  10. Great that you can identify some positive things to ward off feelings of depression. I love coffee not really for the energy but it brings me comfort. I must have a cup in morning!

  11. Hi James, just came across your blog and I love it. Mental health is such an important topic that needs to be discussed more in society and you are helping this! Your posts are such a great way to start a conversation and I am so glad to have found your blog.

  12. Remember that our lives are short and should not be wasted and consumed with negativity. We all have a place here on earth and are here for a reason. So make sure to take care of yourself and remind yourself of why you are grateful/thankful.

  13. I feel grateful each time I wake up and I’m still breathing then when I see my loved ones around and healthy…then all the little things we often miss and they are many! Now I can think of this glass of wine, the warmth inside, while it’s so cold and stormy outside…
    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019 🙂

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  15. I really admire this idea of you speaking about the positive side. People with Mental Illness’s must also be reminded of the fact that they do have strengths and we should motivate them to think positively as much as possible!

  16. Great post. A sudden rush of positive feelings came through me after reading this. You are really making a difference in many people’s life. Thank you.

  17. So good to share this kind of thing. If you’re looking for an alternative lens on mental health I blog about my Mum who was finally diagnosed with 6 mental health issues at 88. Love to hear what you think of soniasmum

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