Stay Safe This Holiday Season – A Mental Health Advisory Post


Between now and the end of the year is a fantastic time. We see family and friends, meet for coffee, eat some amazing food, and shop for those special people in our lives. This is also a time where people with mental illness struggle the most to be normal.

The fact is this time of the year is tough for anyone, but here on The Bipolar Writer blog, my focus is on those struggling with mental illness, many for the first time. If you are finding yourself lost in the darkness that is depression, I want you to know it is okay. There is nothing wrong with struggling, and you can fight it. You’re stronger than you know, and if you ever need someone to talk to, there are so many great resources and people, including The Bipolar Writer, that you can reach out to in your time of need.

There is also the other side if you notice that someone in your life is struggling to find themselves in a happy place this time of year doesn’t be afraid to reach out. The hardest thing for someone struggling with mental illness is the feeling that you will be a burden to your loved ones at this time of year. I only ask that you be kind to everyone in your life because it could mean the difference between struggling and finding hope.

The stigma of mental illness exists because both sides struggle to understand mental illness. Those of us that advocate know that as individuals we need to change the stigma before society realizes that mental illness is a real thing.

It sounds cliche, but I have always thought that there was no hope at this time of year for people like me, when I am struggling in my mental illness. It is not true. You can find your way in the darkness. I did.

Love yourself first this holiday season.

Stay strong in the fight this holiday season.

Always Keep Fighting


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9 Replies to “Stay Safe This Holiday Season – A Mental Health Advisory Post”

  1. Hope you’re feeling a lot better today, James!
    You’re a wonderful person to take time to share this particular message and to let us know we even reach out to you if we needed to do that.

    Take good care of yourself,

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  2. I could not agree more…it was this very week, yesterday in fact that I decided I needed to reach out to a therapist because I was so overwhelmed with anxiety I no longer felt like myself…and indeed felt like a burden. I still have my moments where I feel I am a burden on my friends and family. Finding a therapist was the best thing I did- and luckily for me the first one who contacted me back was the one I fit with.

    I have been in therapy nearly a year and while I still have my moments where the crushing weight of anxiety sits on my chest and refuses to abate…I have more regular me too. I know I am not a burden on most days. That I am not my anxiety. This is a very important message! Thank you!

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  3. Thank you for sharing! I’m happy to see that there are a few posts you’ve written over the past
    days for me to catch up on. You communicate in a very grounding way that I appreciate so much. I am so thankful to have made it through yesterday without incident and looking forward to getting the Christmas season behind me.

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  4. It’s nice to see a supportive post like this, James. I hadn’t even considered how the holidays may be having an impact on my mental well-being before reading this, but it’s true.

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  5. Fall and the Holiday season is always my favorite time of the year. This is when I feel the best. I think I have been blessed around the Holidays so I think they bring me good memories. My downfall is after the Holidays are over. There is usually a little let down for me after the Holiday season is over. I hope everyone is well. Much love and prayers, Sue


  6. Thank you for this post. Christmas can be such a difficult and emotional time of year. For us in Australia I feel we’re lucky having an online forum within a moderated community at BeyondBlue. They usually have a Christmas thread where people who feel alone can connect. Do you have anything like this for people in your area?

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      1. That’s great that you are able to give people somewhere safe to go and be understood. I do wonder why there aren’t more organisations creating online spaces. Peer support has been a godsend for me. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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