Be a Mona Lisa

Just because we all need to be reminded how good we truly are from time to time. This is a little inspirational free verse poem. I hope you like it. Be well and become the masterpiece you are…

Be a Mona Lisa

Mental illness and stigma do not run parallel to anything.

They cross and intersect every aspect of the many lives they touch,

piercing like sharp daggers in the center of our lives,

changing the appearance, dimensions and texture of our polygons of living.

The goal is to transform and unite the many diverse lines of mental illness

into beautiful masterpieces of art displayed in this gallery of life.

Worthy of admiration, respect, praise and applause,

we must accept that we are deserving of this claim.

There is only one Mona Lisa with her half-smile.

If there were more than one,

it would not be a masterpiece at all.

The uniqueness of your character and beauty captures people’s eyes.

Love yourself and become the masterpiece you are.

Stand out and make a difference in this galaxy of stars.

~written by Susan Walz

Copyright 2018 Susan Walz |  | All Rights Reserved

19 Replies to “Be a Mona Lisa”

      1. Delighted to come to know a fellow Irish person…afraid nearly to use the ‘woman’ word after hearing on RTE1 Tubridy radio programme that that word could be replaced by womx or some such crazy sounding alternative!!

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