Please Forgive Me.

Please forgive me for the things I said

And for the things I didn’t

Forgive me for the outbursts

For the door slams

For the silent treatment

Forgive me for ruining something special

The dinners

The holidays

The vacations

Forgive me for the stealing

For the spending

For the hurt feelings

For the time lost

Forgive me for not knowing

For not telling

And for not seeking help sooner

Please forgive me for the other me

I don’t like her either

I forgive you

For not always understanding

For your own bouts of anger at something you cannot control

For despising the other me

For calling me crazy

I forgive you for giving up

Lord knows I have at times

I forgive you for not knowing the right things to say

And for the right time to say them

Most of all I forgive myself.


10 Replies to “Please Forgive Me.”

  1. I don’t particularly care for the other me, either. I have done all of those things except forgive myself. Still working on that. Great post!

  2. Really liked your poem. It hit me exactly where I am, where I’ve been. I’ve had a difficult time forgiving myself, but lately I’ve been able to do that. It’s definitely improved my relationships with my daughters. I have plans to write them letters one day soon, early next year. To tell them a little bit more about me, to tell them how very much they mean to me, to remind them they are the reason I’m here.

  3. Thank you for putting this in words with so much meaning. This is how I feel about my son, but I’ve never had the nerve to tell him. He’s 40 in a couple of days. I hope it’s not too late.

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