A Thank You from The Bipolar Writer

This is a couple of weeks too late (I was quite sick when I reached this milestone), but I am a firm believer in celebrating the small things in life. With that said:

Here is to the 9,000 plus followers of The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog.

Always Keep Fighting


Photo Credit: unsplash-logorawpixel


9 Replies to “A Thank You from The Bipolar Writer”

  1. Wow! Congratulations. That is huge. That is a huge number. Congratulations You should be so proud of yourself. Keep up the good work and everything you are doing. Thank you for what you are doing and for letting me be a contributing writer on your amazing blog. I appreciate you and I pray you are well, my friend. Much love and hugs, Sue

  2. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months and have witness its growth. Keep it up. Wish you success with the release of your memoir!



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