A letter to my husband

To my love,

I know that I’m hard to deal with at times. Things will get better and they’ve already gotten better since we first got together. I’m more stable since then. I’m not having as many highs or lows and they’re not that bad anymore. I know that I’m difficult to deal with or be around sometimes. I’m just learning how to be a normal person. I’m learning how to live in a normal range of feelings. Things are difficult for me right now. I don’t know what a normal range of emotions are due to the fact that I wasn’t brought up around supportive parents. I didn’t think that things could get better for me.

Although when I met you things did start to get better for me. I started to get to a baseline. Yes I was manic when we first met then I crashed pretty hard. When I met you I became happier. When I met you I became a slightly better woman. Now I just love whole heartedly.



Photo Credit: Álvaro Serrano

10 Replies to “A letter to my husband”

  1. This is beautiful. I shared this with my boyfriend as we recently hit a rough patch as I fought with my own demons. We’ve come out of it on the other side, stronger and closer and more understanding of each other than before. But the journey continues and we cannot take it all for granted. Thank you.

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