Money IS The Answer

They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but I want to challenge that notion. I like to think that I think differently than most people, analyze things differently than others. To me, money could solve all my problems. My mother says that money would just bring more problems, and she may be right. I don’t want power though, like most people want with money, I want experiences. When people look at a lifelong career, they might see fulfillment, food for their family, a home, vacations, things. I see a shackle, a ball and chain for forty years that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try. If I were to suddenly win the lottery, I would pay off all my bills, give some money to my family (so they can do what they want with it) and I would travel the world, go to space, really LIVE life. I feel that so long as you’re working just to pay your bills, you’re not living. You’re a slave, we are all slaves to the bills we pay. We all want money, so much it drives people to do horrible things. They do these horrible things either to get money, or to keep the money they have. What if, just spitballing here, someone with money only did good things. They didn’t buy houses, cars, things, they helped people. They experienced life to its fullest and helped everyone they could along the way. That’s what I want with my life.

My mother also says, very often as a matter of fact, to look at all these millionaires that have everything they ever wanted, more money than god (her exact words) and still deal with mental health problems, or get divorced, or arrested. The thing is, they’re living their life for things. No matter how hard you try, things are finite. You could have all the money in the world, buy everything ever made, and yet you still won’t be happy. There are a limited amount of things in this world and they all mean nothing. But, experiences, living life, going out and doing things, helping people. That is infinite. You won’t ever live long enough to experience everything that life has to offer. You won’t ever live long enough to help every person that needs it. Yet, you have to do the best you can, with the life you’ve got. I just don’t see how you can do that if you’re tied down with bills and a job. Although, so many people strive for their dream job, like it will make their lives so much better. I think that is what makes more problems. I would be able to solve all my problems and then some with enough money. Which is why I think that money does buy happiness, so long as you do it the right way. Not only living for yourself, but living to love life.



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  1. There’s only so much money you can make for yourself before you leave charity behind. Afterwards, the money becomes boring and tedious. There is then no one you believe needs it, and it become wasted space.

    It is true that in 3rd-world nations, there is far less suicide than there is in 1st-world nations. The reason for this is on a manner of Psychology. That paupers will feel more alive than the deadness of addiction that permeates in 1st-world countries. A pauper feels active in finding a niche, or an area for comfort. This is why Indian merchandise that is hand-made is far more higher quality than something so common as a sweater bought from Kohls. Indian hand-made clothing is done with care, with compassion, not with the robotic behavior exhibited in 1st-world nations. Factories do not make embroidery, nor do machines perform any careful actions that only human hands governed by human emotions could make.

    A pauper finds purpose in being alive, because a pauper knows there is much to do for their own satisfaction. A rich person will find purpose in being bored, and through that boredom, they are stagnant.

    You ever hear of those stories where someone of rich blood will find adventure in something dangerous? They’d find the activities of “lowborn” to be more energetic than hanging around the same parties, the same gatherings, eating the same food or drinking the same wine. That is stagnancy, and there is no life in something that is dead, and unchanging.


    1. The key is never to do the same thing twice, there are so many things to do out there, most of which cost money. So having an endless supply of money, means endless experiences of the person is willing to do everything

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      1. You would find that people with young minds are more prone to “never doing the same thing twice”. When you relieve yourself of quality in your soul, you are left with quantity. You are left with sheer numbers, which is your gain, not the things that you do. Those who are old are more prone to doing the same things because they are comfortable and see no reason for change.

        People who are old, who are hardened, will not do the same things twice. They are satisfied, whether willingly or subconsciously. People who are young, are adventurous. You will see those 1st-world countries in the former, and the 3rd-world countries in the latter.

        However, as it is in many of these spoiled and pampered parts of the world, we see the old viewing the young with jealousy. They see their money and they see a need to give it to the weak. Though that doesn’t happen on the occasion where there is a family with a member desiring no money, but pure adventure. They abandon their lavished selves for being someone who is covered in grime and soot.

        In such a case, money is not given, but a life is given, and this forms something better than money. Companionship.

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  2. I tend to agree with you. When we don’t have our basic needs provided for (which take money), it creates a lot of undue stress and anxiety. For example, worrying about having money for medications or adequate healthcare. With more money, people with mental illness can pay for things that are more preventative yet extremely beneficial such as music lessons, health club memberships, yoga classes or what have you. They can pay for better and organic food rather than living on “crap”.

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  3. I agree 1000%. A 9 to 5 is mundane, a hamster wheel, if you will. Money (and lots of it) buys opportunities and experiences, which in turn, makes for a life worth living!!!! BRAVO!!! 🏆

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  4. I believe money can buy happiness to a point. But I absolutely agree with you about the power that money can bring. It’s funny how I came across your post today, while yesterday I ran into the GoFundMe for the border wall, which has raised more than 11 million dollars by now. I don’t want to get political at all, but imagine all of the good that that money could do if given to people in need or charities. It’s just so crazy the amount of power that a large sum of money comes with. Love your post! Happy Holidays! xo


    1. It is crazy, but power is something that I never wanted. I just want to be able to live life uninhibited, which you need a lot of money to do. Glad you enjoyed!!

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  5. I agree. In today’s society unfortunately Money is the currency of Freedom. It allows you to travel the world and have great experiences and a whole lot more! Lack of it causes stress and hardship.


  6. Well put. I sincerely share your view on money. Just look at some of the most successful such as Warren Buffet. They’re able to use their money as a tool to help other while still living a good healthy life themselves.


  7. Can confirm. I’ve been happier since I finally got an income. I’m sure a lot of people appreciate the validation from this post that it’s okay to be concerned about money.


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