Mental Health Topics in January 2019

I always like to ask my fellow bloggers what topics you would like to see my write in the coming months. As the New Year arrives, I’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see on The Bipolar Writer blog. 

So leave your ideas in the comments, or you can email me:

10 Replies to “Mental Health Topics in January 2019”

  1. Although I was officially diagnosed as bipolar w/ psychotic features, i had addiction issues (basically self-medicating) that led to hearing voices for a number of years, I am always interested in hearing other peoples stories and experiences w/ voices, so while i understand you yourself may not have experienced voices, i would definitely be interested in hearing if any of your followers have had that experience. Thanks, I enjoy your writing and your perspective, I wish you the best for 2019!

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  2. I love to hear more about cyclothymia. It falls on the bipolar spectrum, but not a lot is written about it. I know what I go through personally, but I would love to hear more about what others experience and how others cope.

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    1. That would be good. My original diagnosis for the first month or so was schizoaffective disorder, while I don’t have a plethora of experience with this illness I can write about it.


    1. That is an interesting stat. It makes sense. I will write my thought on that, could you possible send me some research on that? I do my own research for the most part but I’d like to read where you got that stat.


  3. I have been wanting to find out if other people have had similar experiences as mine. I will probably do it in the near future somehow but I know you could do an excellent job on it. I want to research and also learn from other bloggers that are now psychotropic medication free. I have known others with bipolar that have become medication free as well but haven’t kept in touch with them to learn how they are still doing med free. I just want to researh this and see if other people with bipolar are med. free and how they are doing longterm etc…. I hope this made sense. Mental illness treatment etc. is always evolving and I always want to learn more….


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