Picking Up the Lost Pieces


Can we Pick-up the Pieces we Lose in This Mental Illness Life?

veeterzy-113210-unsplashIn this mental illness life, we leave pieces of ourselves all over the place.  When we try to take ourselves out of the equation, you lose a part of yourself–self-respect. The confidence that you have it all things is gone. The love that you should have for yourself. The hope that life will get better. It withers away. These pieces get lost, and it is so easy to not notice that they are gone. You are broken.

I have felt this way so many times in this life. Alone and lost in the hopelessness of my illness. Since I lost many of these pieces of myself, it has felt as if I will never get these things back. I have found that you can start to begin to get these things back, but it is a long process, and it is very possible to lose these pieces for good. The idea came from where my thoughts have been lately.


When my life is busy, it is easier to forget the things that I have lost because of my mental illness. When life slows down, it seems to overflow my mind to the point that it consumes.

I have lost so much of myself over the years. It feels as if I can’t feel right about things like my self-respect. Can you get something like that back?

The worst comes with my confidence. I am not confident at all especially when it comes to dealing with people. It comes from being an introvert and coping with social anxiety, but over time I have lost my confidence. Things that I know I am good at can be so difficult for me to deal. I was never a people person, but social situations used to be tolerable. I feel hopeless when I have to meet new clients or making friends with others.

It helps to write. That is the one place that I feel confident in this life. I can write about my issues because it helps to talk about what is going on. When I put words into a piece of writing it feels good. I wish I could translate that to the outside world.

So, my fellow writers, what do you think? Can you pick up the pieces? What are some of the pieces of yourself that you have lost because of mental illness?

Always Keep Fighting


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Linh Pham


Karen Lau

4 Replies to “Picking Up the Lost Pieces”

  1. There are so many pieces I have lost. I think the theme running though it all that you touch on is a loss of confidence in myself. Writing is the one piece I picked up about a year ago in earnest. It has helped me to move on to pick up another piece. Thanks for the post!

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  2. When struggling with a mental illness, it is so important to have something to hold on to; like a hobby. It’s amazing how, if even for just a moment, it takes you out of your own head and it gives you a little piece of freedom. My writing does this for me too! Stay strong ❤️

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  3. James this was a very good and thought provoking piece. Well done as usual. Yes absolutely we lose a lot in this mental illness life but you can get it back–maybe not as it was exactly but you can put the pieces back together sometimes creating somethign better. Over the years I’ve learned that I need to accept myself the way I am and learn to love myself before I can do anything else. You must F.L.Y. (first love yourself) before you can fly. You can’t be someone you are not but you can be the best version of yourself. If you are not an extrovert don’t try to be one or you will set yourself up for failure and we never want to do that. You can learn to become more social in time.. take small steps and never beat yourself up for being someone you are not. I admire very calm people and I have tried to be that only to learn it was exhausting and took too much work and energy trying to be someone I wasn’t. I am a very energetic and enthusiastic person bordering on hyper at times. I talk too much sometimes and wish I was quieter at times. Things you dislike about yourself are strengths to soemone else. I am just trying to help but believe me I understand where you are coming from. I hope my ramble helped in some way. Many people probably admire your quietness and calmness and you dont even realize it. Just trying to help and I hope I did. Sorry for my wordiness. Again this was a great post. We lose a lot but we can get some of it back. You can do it James. I know you can. Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope it is your best year yet. Much love and hugs, Sue

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