My New Ativan Routine

I have talked about how my social anxiety has been severe for me lately. I have been isolating a lot, and though I am getting out of the house more the last few weeks, recent events have left me without a car.

One of the most significant issues with my social anxiety has been late night panic attacks. I had three or a four panic attacks a week as recently has just before Christmas. I knew changes in how I use my Ativan throughout my day needed work, and so I made a decision.

I can take up to 4mg of Ativan throughout my day. My usual routine was 1mg in the morning, afternoon, and at night. I would leave one milligram for when I needed extra throughout the day. This was my summer routine, and it worked for the most part, but this is not the summer. Now, I am taking one 1mg in the morning and afternoon with 2mg at night. So far I have been panic attack free since Christmas day.

In a way, it is working. I am less anxious throughout my day, and at night I am calmer. I am no longer pacing when I should be sleeping. It is also important to note that with the new year I have started my workout routine back to where it was before. I am meditating twice a day for about thirty minutes, and I have refocused my overall schedule.

The next thing on my list is changes in medication later this month when I see my new psychiatrist for the second time since the change in December. We have talked about possible changes so I am excited what 2019 will bring for my social anxiety. I am always moving forward!

Always Keep Fighting


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7 Replies to “My New Ativan Routine”

  1. For some reason my anxiety gets worse at night also. I don’t take anything for it and maybe I should. What is your workout routine like? I am really trying to focus on using working out to better my mental health.

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