2019 Goals for The Bipolar Writer

My Mental Health and Personal Goals

2019 Edition

nordwood-themes-1066398-unsplash.jpgIt is that time of year when we begin anew and make goals and resolutions that we hope to keep in the new year.

Happy New Year The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog family!!!

2019 is going to be a good year. We can put the struggles of 2018 behind us and work towards better mental health and to end the stigma of mental illness. Those seem like lofty goals, but together, I believe we can achieve great things. So, here is my list of goals and resolutions in 2019.

Mental Health Goals

  1. Work on my social anxiety – This is my most important goal. It was my biggest goal of 2018, which I have made strides, but I genuinely want to conquer my social anxiety.
  2. Work on my sleep – This is perhaps my lifelong goal and one that has always seemed out of reach. I will be working on this in the coming year.
  3. Work on my Isolation – I need to be going out into the world and doing my thing more often. I can’t let my social anxiety control and isolate me in 2019.

Life Goals/Resolutions

  1. Finish a novel in 2019.
  2. Finish a  screenplay in 2019.
  3. Publish my memoir in January 2019.
  4. Work out daily and eat better.
  5. Grow my freelance writing business.
  6. Help to continue to end the stigma of mental health.

My goals and resolutions are not significant or unattainable. I genuinely believe that all these things are in my grasp. I will be writing about my journey here on The Bipolar Writer blog to share.

What are some of your goals for 2019?

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24 Replies to “2019 Goals for The Bipolar Writer”

  1. I also have the goal of working on my sleep. It’s absolutely horrible, I’ve been trying to get it straightened out for over a year, it just seems impossible sometimes. My other goals are to make wiser decisions in my life and work on improving my mental and physical health. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Happy new year James, I wish you well for 2019.
    You have come up with a great set of goals, good luck x

  3. Great goals – just maybe set limits for them, such as ‘do x exercises every day’? That way you won’t feel as if you haven’t done enough. IT helps me defeat the anxiety a bit more. Hope you have a lovely new year!

  4. A novel and a screenplay is a lot to tackle in a year! I also need to work on the isolation aspect 😉 For me, socialization feels like an external reduction in simplicity. Gotta work on that. You’re a good writer. Best of luck!

      1. With either project you can’t go wrong and if you do finish both that’s pretty great 😊

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