Crazy announcement

Hello and welcome, to a new blog by me.  If you want to read more blogs I make you can check out my personal blog, I post 3 days in the week a blog. My blog is called: PrettyRose. Recently I did a mini blog series about anxiety disorders and different treatments that exits.


Also, I promised to share some exciting news here. I AM ENGAGED!!!!!! Since you probably don’t know a single thing about me. I am in an almost 5-year long relationship since I was almost 15. Right now I am 19 (to help you count). Which I know is young to get married in the normal culture. But well it is my choice. (This is a whole different story).

Anyway, since that happened people won’t stop asking about it. Like even after the first-day people wanted to know the date. and getting married is expensive when you’re both studying. And well I have made a long list for myself of things that need to be taken care of. And this had increased my anxiety levels in the past days. So I thought, in this blog, I can like to write about this. The anxiety and stress for getting everything ready and just my whole experience. Believe me, it is already stressful, and it is not even a week ago since the engagement.

Now for this blog serie, I would love to know your story and any wisdom you have for me. And I might incorporate this in my blogs. So I NEED YOUR HELP! You can comment down in this blog with your story and experience, but also any tips and tricks you have in this matter.

Also, tell me if you want to know more about my relationship and some of the struggle I have overcome.

This is a short blog, but this is more of an announcement.

You will hear more from me, very soon.



29 Replies to “Crazy announcement”

  1. Congratulations beautiful! Enjoy the moment. Even if it’S one minute for every hour of stress. Just take it in and don’t let it pass you by. All the best to both of you and may you have a lifetime filled with health and happiness! xx

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  2. Congratulations! Weddings are amazing, though I agree they can be stressful. During my 20’s, I swear I was in one at least once a year. Much like when you have a child, all the people in your life are going to want to chime in their opinion of what your big day will look like. Try to remember, they’re just excited for you. The wave of excitement will calm down. Until then, my main suggestion is to do your research and nail down exactly what you and your fiance want out of the ceremony in the end. When you know what you want, it will be much easier going forward. My other suggestion- be clear about what you need from people when you ask them to stand with you. People are what cause the most stress, in my opinion, because we assume they know what we want or what to do. Otherwise, if you go into it knowing it will be stressful at times, but focus on what makes you happy, it will everything you dreamed of.

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    1. I have a little blog soon on my personal blog which I partly talk about clearity for the wedding. And thank you for your tips. They are really useful.

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  3. Congratulations!!!

    I agree with Kamber 100% so I won’t repeat her words. In my wedding, the people who were the meanest were my own family. Hopefully that’s just my family & it doesn’t happen to everyone. It was temporary and everything was pretty much normal again after the honeymoon. Just like Kanber said, be clear about what you want, tell everyone what it is, and believe in it.

    Things will go wrong, they always do, and they make the best stories later. Mine is that all my guests were 2 hours late because my driving directions took them right past the entrance to a huge horse race (VA horse country) that day!!

    Grace, patience, and a lot of deep breathing will get you through.

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  4. Congratulations on the engagement!!! That is such an amazing exciting adventure. I too got married young and am still happily married after 3 and a half years. I wish you all the best in the future!

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  5. Congratulations on your engagement! 💍
    Advice: take your time for this is a major life decision.💞Forever is a long time to love someone. Don’t allow others to rush you two. It’s your lives, not theirs. Make a plan, a timetable together, adjust it as needed and continue to love each other through the process. 💲Make a budget and stick to it. Find sponsors for as much stuff as you can. Ask department stores, bakeries, etc. Sometimes they will offer free services. You may bump heads from time to time with your fiance but stay focused on why you’re together. 💑Let no one come between you. Not even family.
    I wish you all the best. Much love to the both of you.

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  6. Congratulations!! ☺️ Your story is no one’s business so don’t let others opinions cause you anxiety or uncertainties. As a 25-years old girl, If there’s something that I have come to realize is that age is the most “relative” thing, it is just a number really. Society in general seems to love imposing deadlines but there is not a right time to do this or that based on age. Things come to us when we are open to them. Things come to us just at the right time (even if unexpectedly). Things come to us when they should come and not when we should they come. Just my opinion ☺️ Once again congratulations and I am sending you all my love and best wishes going forward xx please feel free to share more of your journey with us. It would be lovely to hear more about it

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    1. I’m happy I’m not the only one with a mind set like this. 🙈 Age has nothing to do with our actions. So thank you for sharing.

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  7. Congratulations my advice is to completely make sure in your mind that this is what you truly want. I’m not trying to scare you off but my first wife was 20 when we got married, (I was 26.) When we split up 13 years later, her big complaint was that she didn’t get to fully enjoy her youth and ended up resenting me a little because of it.

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    1. First of all I want to say I’m sorry what has happened to you. At that time that couldn’t been easy. And I understand your concern. I know the age I’m in its not what normal someone would do. But I also can’t recognize myself in your first wife her side. But I do understand what you say.

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      1. Thank you and you obviously have a wiser head than my first wife. Therefore, go for what makes you happy and congratulations again.

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    2. The thing is that what we want in life can change. Marriage is not as straightforward or easy as we might like. It’s the coming together of two people who are inevitably going to change. We tend to expect our partners to always stay the same, to always be the person we fell in love with, while we ourselves want to grow and evolve. We easily reproach others, either for being different than they were in the beginning or for holding us back.

      I guess my advice would be (and I’m saying this as someone who is married, but currently separated): try not to have unrealistic expectations. Both you and your partner will grow and learn and you are going to want different things as you get older. Listen to yourselves and each other, respect each other’s needs and give each other space and freedom to grow.

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      1. Thank you and you are right on all counts. Fortunately, I have taken those things on board when I married the second time and we have been married for 14 years now.

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  8. Wow you’re engaged and so young congratulations. Well I’m so excited and I don’t know why. Congraaaaaatulations and be sure to invite me for the wedding dear 🤗.

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