Why This Blog Means the World to me

This blog saved my life

I don’t often talk about the time just before I made the decision to write this blog. I was good with my mental health, but at the same time, I was on the brink once again. I was losing my battle and it was a real possibility that I could have gone one of two ways. Down the darkest road, or to continue to heal.

It sounds strange. I am so strong now because this has become a platform became a place to share my experiences and my life. I was really lost. I had my writing as an outlet, and I wrote my screenplay while still struggling daily with depression and social anxiety. I was lost in the endless struggle, and I was not sure there was hope for me.

Then I wrote my first blog post. This blog post was something I had written during one of my journalism classes for my undergrad program. It was and still is a great piece, but it was the feedback that was so important. I realized at that moment that I could help people. It changed my entire philosophy. Only one other time in my life, my last suicide, that I felt that things could change.

The rest they say is history. This blog has grown to unbelievable levels and done things I never imagined. When I wake in the morning three things are essential in my life–my master’s program, writing my memoir and growing this blog to unreal levels.

That is why I am always looking for the next big thing for this blog. Many great people have become a significant part of this blog. I am doing something here that still feels right even a year and a half later.

This blog saved me, and I thank you for that because it means the world.

Stay strong in the fight.

Always Keep Fighting


My GoFundMe Page


Now, I had to use my real name for this (I write under my pseudonym James Edgar Skye) so don’t be surprised by the name–David TC. Also, this allows me to show how much has been donated (I will give the running total at the end of the post.

Donate Through PayPal

Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to a Business

My goal is $300. The cost to upgrade The Bipolar Writer blog to the business level. I am going to try and keep this post going all weekend in hopes that I reach my goal. Please, if you can help it would be amazing, and if you can't, I understand. I haven't done one of these in a while, so here it goes!


This is another excellent way to donate, and to do so just press Pay with PayPal and you can choose to give a minimum of $3.00 (you can decide how much based on the number so 3 times would be 3 x 3 and you would donate nine dollars.)

Right now we are at $110 total donations which is pretty amazing. Every penny will be going to the upgrade. I thank everyone who has already been a part of this goal. The goal is $325, what it would cost to upgrade for two years.

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13 Replies to “Why This Blog Means the World to me”

  1. Is the picture you posted of you? That’s just a lovely shot…very emotional, peaceful, introspective. Best to you.


  2. I started my blog also as a release of the mental anguish I’ve endured in my lifetime (and the ones coming) but sometimes the writing part is easy yet the publishing part brings on anxiety on a different level but I’m thankful for those who do share because it’s mice to know I’m not alone 🙂

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  3. I started my blog a month ago to create awareness on mental health. Where I come from, mental health is taken for granted. People would laugh at you or say you’re doing too much or exaggerating or say you’re seeking for attention if you say you’re depressed or anxious. And sadly parents here are the leading cause of most mental health problems. But day by day it gets better in this country. I hope one day I can do more to change the perspectives of people in this country.

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  4. Mine too. Reading this resonated so well with me cos I understand the outlet this space has been to me, too. A great piece!

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  5. An amazing blog, as I have a blog for mental health I am going to school to become a mental health counselor. Seeing so many of us posting about mental illness is very powerful. The more people here speaking up the more change that could come for us. Amen

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    1. It’s amazing that you are going to school to become a mental health counselor. I am glad you found my blog helpful! We do our best here


  6. I think that’s why I connect so much with your blog. Mine is also a platform for me. I think mine saved me and continues to. I also wanted to give mental health a voice and allow people to feel like they are not alone. I find comfort in your blog… thank you for putting yourself out there!

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