Random things part 1

While I was listening to music the other day i had been thinking about what kind of music calms me. There are a few songs that calm me down during an episode, but then there are a few generes that calm me down. I would like to go over that part of my life with you but right now that feels too personal to share with the world. Although there are some things that I can go over with you. My thoughts on music is that it can help you to change your emotions. Lately I have been listening to alternative music and that makes me feel like I’m ten feet tall, because  it gives me hope and energy. I haven’t been able to write a lot you see because i have been busy trying to get more hours at work so I can get to a point where I can focus on this and my blog full time. I just want to have time to to think about the blogging community and the mental helath community. I full heartedly believe that both communities could work together to bring awareness to the fact that there are mental illnesses that need to be made more aware about. For example schizoaffective is one that there much aware about it in any way. There are other ilnesses as well that need more attention brought to them like cancers.

I can’t think of any community that is less understood than the mental health community. With my illnesses i have a hard time acting my age. I’m 21 and still act like a little kid. Not everyone in my family understands what it’s like to not be able to act my age like i want to all the time. It’s really hard to act like I’m 21 and if things like drinking and smoking were okay to those that acted their age than i wouldn’t be able to do either of them. Some days I act like such a little kid that i can’t even go to work. I mentally can’t handle going to work.

Not everyone in the world u nderstand what it’s like to have a mental disorder even if . they do have one. It’s hard to understand how you feel when you have a disorder. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have full blown schizophrenia. I can understand what it’s like to have full blown bipolar though because i do have it. things aren’t as easy as  they seem with a mental disorder. Some people can live full lives with a mental disorder and still be on meds. I unfortunately haven’t found the right balance of meds and therapy and life living to live a full life. It’s really hard to just get out f bed right now without anting to go back to it a few hour later.

4 Replies to “Random things part 1”

  1. I know what the struggle is like. I have schizoaffective disorder and I take meds every day but still struggle. I am on disability because of it and find a lot of solace in my writing. I also find peace in God. I hope you hang in there and things get better for you soon. Thanks for being brave and sharing!

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  2. Hang in there and keep talking. It’s so tough and you often feel so alone and isolated. Often the only thing that kept me going was music. It takes so much so be as open as you have been. Thankyou it helps people like me.


  3. It’s true that even today mental health issues are not understood by educated people. The awareness should start at school level to educate children as they are in early learning stage and formation of behaviour

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