Idea Topics for February

As January 2019 ends and February 2019 begins, we will be ending a strong month of January for The Bipolar Writer blog. I always like to start the month off by asking what the mental health topics you would like me to write about on my blog. This blog is all about inclusive and a safe place for people to talk about mental health.

If you have a topic in mind leave a comment below. I am also open to a guest blog post and increasing my contributor writer. If you’re interested, please email me @

Always Keep Fighting


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14 Replies to “Idea Topics for February”

  1. I would love to read your take on anxiety if possible. There’s so much on my mind right now and my anxiety has been really bad as a result. So nervous about everything.

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  2. Maybe something along the lines to be a good friend to someone with a mental illness. Aka what boundaries should one know about when it comes to talking about personal stuff.

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  3. I guess I am coming from a different point of view. I am lucky enough to not have a mental illness, but, as you might recall, my son has bipolar disorder. I have experienced some of the traits such as anger, anxiety, depression, etc., but they are just in the moment, I would like to really understand (not from a clinical point of view because that is easily read and understood) what a “day in the life” is like. I would also like to understand how I can help (or at least not say the wrong thing and make it worse). With respect!

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    1. A day in a life. That would be a great post. I will write something that will hopefully answer these types of questions. I know your point of view is a difficult one. I know my own mother went through a lot with me. I am glad to hear that you are still supporting your son.

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      1. You’re son might not appreciate you now, I didn’t when in the beginning, but my mom stuck by me. Never give up, that is all I ask. Bipolar disorder is very debilitating disease.

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  4. I agree with the above comments: I’d like to hear your take on anxiety. I’d also be interested in reading more about OCD / your take on it.

    Btw, I really appreciate this blog and how it opens the conversation of mental health awareness. So many people are affected by it, but it isn’t talked about enough. Thank you for always spreading words of encouragement and letting people know that they aren’t alone in the fight. Sending love!

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  5. I keep wanting to write something for this blog about what trauma-informed care means and why it’s important (or heck, even for my own blog). But, haven’t managed to. Maybe someone else would want to tackle it. I’ve read too many stigmatizing examples of medical treatment for mental warriors on blogs lately, and when people face that it at least might help to know there are *supposedly* guidelines to prevent such things, even when they are so rarely adopted. The moment I tell myself “you should write this,” of course, is when I freeze up in writer’s block. Bleh.


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