The favorite person and BPD

BPD is a disorder charecterized by unstable sense of self, unstable mood and mood swings. Personally it affects how I think about people and myself. The favorite  person for me is my husband. I feel everything I do is for that person. What do you think the favorite person does? well I’m going to tell you.

Do you take care is us?

You as the favorite person is to take care of is emotionally and physically. emotionally we need to be told that we are doing a good job, great person, or that we will or are a good parent. we need these reassurances because we are pretty unsure of our abilities . we doubt ourselves more often than not. physically we need you to ne there for us. we need to be able to see, hear, and touch you. for some of us your smell can calm us. we can and often do become codependant on our favorite person.

Who are you to us?

You are the world to us. you could be our parents, sibling, friend, cousin, lover, or in-laws. you are the person that we look to in order to guide us through life and to help us discover who we are. we don’tknow what are we doing a good part of the time while we are with our favorite person.  we tend to go along for the ride. we love and care about you so much that losing you for even a little bit of time kills us. we struggle to realize that you need to work or have time with friends and family awithout us around.

Why am i talking about this?

I am talikn g about this because this is a subject that not a lot of borderlines will talk about. we choose not to because we don’t want to let you into our world.

4 Replies to “The favorite person and BPD”

  1. This is a really useful and enlightening post….I didn’t know of BPD before reading this article. And i totally agree with you there – Self help is the first step to recovery from mental illnesses


  2. I’m sending this to my favourite person. My mum. It’s going to help her understand me more I hope. I’m glad you could find the words to convey how so many of us feel 😊


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