Not Drowning

I’m not a photographer or graphic artist. I’ve always been good with words and make my living writing. It’s my talent.

I was always jealous of those who were good at the visual arts though. I took photography classes in high school, went to a cartooning school (they exist!), and tried drawing comics, but was never very good.

I kept dabbling throughout the decades, though, and learned some skills along the way.

So when EyeEm, a social photography site that allows you to sell your photographs, announced a competition involving Mental Health, I wanted to at least contribute.

I took a picture of my semicolon tattoo and made the attached photo. I’m just an amateur but I kind of like it. My professional photographer friends said I did a good job. And it got accepted for the EyeEm market!

Here’s my EyeEm profile just to show that anyone can submit.

Just wanted to share with everyone–and also say that if you’re an artist of any kind, get your work out there! Share your gift with the world.


7 Replies to “Not Drowning”

  1. That is pretty awesome with the double exposure effect. Keep up with it. It is interesting how hobbies as a source of passion can lead to new beginnings. Congrats.

  2. I was also jealous of the visual arts people! I’m working on my writing and hope that one I too can make a living off it. Congrats on the photo 🙂

  3. I think we always like and want what others have. I can draw and paint but for some reason have never been good at taking photos. It is strange. I even took a digital photography class but never mastered it. I have always been amazed and admired photographers. I guess we are in awe of what we cannot do. Congratulations. It is a great accomplishment.

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