It’s Your Path in Your Time-Don’t Compare it to Others


In a recent conversation with a friend, the subject of how easy it is to compare ourselves to others came up. We talked about how when we look at something that someone else has accomplished, especially if we have a similar dream, it feels natural to wonder how they climbed the mountain of success, how we can do it like them or even why we haven’t.

This is a vice for many, and a dark tunnel I entered many times through my journey, sometimes so focused on someone else’s happy ending, I lost sight of my own. While every now and then I find myself staring into the dark once again, I now close my eyes and realize what I learned from my past lessons.

That there is much more to someone’s back story then we will ever know, and each of us not only has a unique script, but a time for it to be told. 🧡

While we may all picture similar paths for ourselves, not one us accomplishes this life the same, not one of us is passionate for the same reason or dreams the same way. Each of us are unique, because each of us bring something spectacular to the table in our own perfect time.

Don’t compare yourself to those around you, believe in the uniqueness of your story, shine the light only you possess and walk the path only you were meant to, because the mountain may be steep, but it’s yours and yours alone, and it will be worth the climb. 🦋🧡

Much love,

Lisa J.


32 Replies to “It’s Your Path in Your Time-Don’t Compare it to Others”

  1. I greatly appreciate the timing of this post! It’s so difficult for me not to compare myself to others. I look at others’ work and love lives and ask why I’m a failure compared to them.

    1. I know exactly where you’re coming from! I was there and it took consistent reminders to myself that I was capable and after a while I started to believe it because when started focusing on me instead of others my life began to turn in a positive direction 🧡 you are in control of you and you alone, choose to change to conversation in your head, believe in yourself and your worth and the outside will follow!

  2. I needed to see this today. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much I’m struggling to find any light in my tunnel at the moment and ahead is just darkness… This gives me hope, we all need a bit more of it. Thank you for giving your positive power out to people, it makes the world a better place.
    Much love,
    Luna xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🧡 some days are so much harder than others but there is hope and you will find your light. Don’t ever give up on you.

  3. Inspiring!!… so true… Knowing this will help us keep persevering and enduring…

  4. It’s so true Lisa. Accepting our flaws and working on them could have been better. But we end up comparing us with others seeing their achievements and our failures. We forget that the other person might have the same issue and keep on piling our insecurities. We need to grow up. Thank you for this beautiful post, Lisa.

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