Remember the Good

It’s easy to envelop ourselves it what we feel are our failures, mistakes or bad choices. We seem to remember the bad so much more than we remember the good, but what we don’t realize is there is so much more of the good to celebrate 🧡

We triumph small and large unique challenges in our lives daily. We silently carry the weight of the world on the regular, because we are strong and courageous humans, but we forget these incredible wins the moment there is a wrong turn or a missed step.

Today and everyday remind yourself of your wins, remind yourself of the good and remind yourself that you are still standing. Celebrate the good because it surely outweighs the bad 🦋🧡 Have a beautiful day!



15 Replies to “Remember the Good”

    1. I believe it 🧡 I truly believe we are all inherently good and while we face bad things in our lives that good still exists.

  1. Thanks for a great reminder. What I notice is when someone deeply loved dies. It’s easy to focus on what was left undone, what was left unsaid, all the things that could’ve been different. When people are so stuck in their grief like that I ask them what did they do right? What did they do together that made them smile? And then I urge them to focus on those things. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up… For no reason.Thanks again for such a lovely post.

  2. It’s always great to remind yourself of all your wins even the small ones, it keeps you motivated.

    Thank you for this great reminder.

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