Coming Out of the Fog

I can finally say with pride I am out of the depression cycle. FINALLY!!! Sorry for yelling, but it feels so good.

Depression, my old friend, it really something. I am glad to be rid of you.

Coming out of a depression cycle really feels as if you are coming out of a fog. I was struggling for weeks with depression, and I will admit I was apprehensive that I was in for the long haul. Some of my worst depression cycles lasted years, and this current cycle really felt like that–I came out the other side stronger.

I felt like I needed this cycle, I may not have liked it, but it was necessary. I usually go through some depression during the winter time. I was spoiled because depression did not touch me October-December, where I typically have my worst depression of the year. I was due.

Lifting the depression fog was due to a few things. For a few days I gave into the depression and let it over take me.

I wrote blog posts about what I felt so that I could process my thoughts and feeling. When I felt a little better, I would do the things that make me happy. I binge watched my favorite shows when I couldn’t bring myself to leave my bed. Above all, I told myself, “it is okay to not be okay.”

If you are dealing with depression, know there is always an end to the cycle. I have proven that depression is not forever. If you ever need anything I am available to chat. My number is public: 831-287-4369.

Always Keep Fighting


My GoFundme Campaign

I am still raising money so that my blog can reach more people through the WordPress Business level. This blog is partially funded with my own money, but it takes a lot to take The Bipolar Writer to the next level. It means the content on this blog can reach more people and help end the stigma of mental illness. If you can please donate! It means the world to the contributors, followers and of course The Bipolar Writer.

Recently we were able to reach 11,000 plus followers on the blog. I am not asking for significant donations rather small ones. $1-$2 dollars will go a long way! I am getting closer to the overall goal, but we still have a ways to go. So if you can please donate. I would like to end the campaign at the end of the month if possible! Please help us reach the goal!

We have raised $250! That is amazing.

We are still short of our goal of $325, the cost of the upgrade for a year. If we raise enough, I’d like to upgrade for the next two years (which totals $435.) If you can donate it would mean the world to me, if not I understand. 100% of what is raised will stay with the blog and only used to upgrade.

Donate Through PayPal

Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog to a Business

My goal is $325. The cost to upgrade The Bipolar Writer blog to the business level. I am going to try and keep this post going all weekend in hopes that I reach my goal. Please, if you can help it would be amazing, and if you can't, I understand. I haven't done one of these in a while, so here it goes!


Venmo – 831-287-4369

I don’t mind sharing my number (I have before several times in the past.)

That is it. I am hoping to raise enough money by this weekend. 

If you can’t donate please reblog this post or share my GoFundMe link above, it would mean the world to me!

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64 Replies to “Coming Out of the Fog”

  1. I love what you said about how you started to pull yourself out of depression. Writing about what I’m feeling – coming clean, one could say – is exactly how I get through depression. Sometimes you have to face the depression head-on, name it, and allow yourself to not be okay. I’m glad things are looking a little brighter for you lately and I wish you the best!

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  2. Happy to hear about your mood! I am interested in having my website/blog included with the bipolar writer mental health blog. I did send you a couple messages about it last month, and I made a gofundme donation. My site is Thanks!

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  3. I’m so happy for you! I feel like I’ve just accepted that I am back in a depression cycle… due to bad weather here, work has been cancelled quite a few times and I haven’t seen a lot of people in my life so I guess I didn’t have the normal day to day interactions that I can react to and check in with myself… now that there is a break in weather and I’m back out in society I feel like I finally accepted I’ve been in a depression cycle.

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      1. Yes! I was caring for my Mum for the last few months of last year so I had very little time to spend online or on my blog, but I will hopefully be back more regularly later in the year. I’ve really missed being in contact though!!!

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  4. So glad to hear you are feeling more free. Your experience is an encouraging reminder that depression won’t necessarily last forever. I hope I can tell a story like yours someday in order to relieve the troubled minds of others.

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  5. “It’s okay to not be okay.” What a great thought and one I will remind myself about. When in one of my depression cycles, I tend to make it worse by torturing myself with the question, “why can’t I be okay like others?” It just adds to the cycle. This little phrase means so much. It is ok to take a breath, it is ok to focus on you and it is ok to be you. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m glad you are doing better!

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  6. Wow, you are an incredibly kind person. 🙂 You came to visit and even follow my little blog, and then I came over to read all this amazing stuff you have going on. I really appreciate the encouragement here, and everything you have going on with the GoFundMe. I will definitely reblog. Good luck to you!

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  7. Such an inspiration you are! Gives me hope to believe in ones self. Good luck with the blog!

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  8. Thank you for sharing your journey. It has been teaching me a lot about bipolar disorder (like all mental health conditions, I think there are a lot of misguided ideas about what it is or what it looks like). While I do not suffer from it myself, I think we can all do with a little more understanding. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you are in a good place!

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  9. So happy that you have made it out of this cycle. Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I hope you never have to go through another cycle again.


    1. I hope so as well, but in this mental illness life it is inevitable. The upside is I have gotten to a point where my depression cycles don’t last months or years (which they used to.)


      1. True. I always hope it doesn’t have to be inevitable. I’m very glad to hear of your progress and it makes me see the light for myself. Keep fighting.


  10. I recently came out of my own 5 month fog. I really looooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg fog… sorta like winter here in the midwest! I finally got a new medicine and a happylight and I’ve excelled to a new high and I am so glad to be out of the low! So happy for you!!! Enjoy it! God Bless you and keep up the fight!


    1. I have had some long depression cycles in my life. My longest was over four years. I am so happy to hear you are coming out of your own.


  11. I’m so happy for you that you’re out of the cycle! I have been depressed for a couple months now and the fog seems endless. But I’m hoping to be out of it soon, like you. Keep up the positive vibes, you never know who really needs it!


      1. It is good to know someone close to me has access to my blog. Thank you for being a part of this thing we are doing


  12. So happy that you’ve made it through! A few months ago I was there and it was horrible. We have to be so thankful for the clear days. Great news!


  13. Hi James,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I was only diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2015, but I know I’ve had this all my life. My dad took his own life when I was 6 years old. They say he was suffering from depression, but I know he had bipolar.

    This inspired me to write a memoir, which is ironic really as I never liked writing. I left my book as raw and down to earth as it could be. No help from an editor, or a designer for a book cover. It’s quite amazing really, what you can do whilst on a manic episode. You unleash the creativity that’s within you. I’m now trying to write a supernatural horror, that is based on my memoir. Maybe one day I’ll finish it, lol. All the best,



    1. It is great to meet you Clive. Writing is so therapeutic for me. I am close to publishing my memoir. Right now I am focusing on the final edits. Thank you for coming to my blog and reading my posts.


  14. Good luck with your memoir, I hope it enlightens people, like mine did for a few. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you get a review from someone else that’s bipoler, who say…”it gave them comfort to know they are not alone on this rollercoaster ride called bipolar disorder 👍


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