Why do I blog?

There has been plenty of times in the past couple years that I’ve been writing my blog that I’ve considered stopping, that I felt I was out of stories, I get writer’s block, and that would be it. Over the weekend, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about (and talking about) how and why I started my blog- and why I stay with it.

My very first blog post was titled my depression journey, and truly the reason I put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard, if you want to be technical) was because I had a story. A story that ruminated in my head for about ten years or so. What happened in my past, why, how did it impact my life now (when I started my blog), and just constant trips down an unpleasant memory lane.

I thought about how much of a struggle middle school was, how I felt like I had nothing in high school except maybe 3 friends, the people I considered “friends” who wanted nothing to do with me anymore, the people I no longer wanted in my life, and so many other things. I thought about my cries for help that I denied existed for years, the poetry, the self-harm, and the constant need to have someone to rely on. The story was slowly torturing me, holding my mind hostage. So I wrote it.

After I finished my first blog post, I started to feel lighter. Like the weight of my tumultuous relationship with my depression that I’d been holding onto had disappeared overnight. The story slowly started to fade into a haze and was no longer stalking my every thought. I finally felt like I was starting to leave my past behind and could finally breathe again.

I knew what had to come next, though mentally I fought the idea. I didn’t know how to open up and tell the story that broke me. The story I was afraid it would get out, afraid the person would find the effect they had on the remainder of my life, and I didn’t want to give that power. I decided to write “boy that broke my heart”, because my first blog post had been truly cathartic. I wrote with the highest hopes that what happened with my first blog post would happen with this, that once I told my story in full, I’d be able to let go and forget about it. This one has two follow-ups (a letter he’d written me for our graduation as well as a letter “dedicated to him” ten years later), and finally, I was able to put that memory to rest.

I started to fall in love with telling my story, the stories that were stuck in my head. In the back of my mind there was always one thought though: if I could make a difference in just one person’s life, I’d be happy. If even one person read my story, found comfort that they weren’t alone, that was all I wanted. I spent the better part of 15 years thinking that I was alone, that no one would understand what I was going through, what I thought about consistently, and all of the issues I had going on. I told my story in hopes of possibly helping someone like I had been years ago. Thus, I keep writing.

So, fellow bloggers, what was your drive behind starting your blog? What keeps you going when you feel like you’re stuck?

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13 Replies to “Why do I blog?”

  1. I find I began to blog for the very same reasons you do. It’s almost (apologies in advance for the graphic way I am going to describe it) like throwing up and then feeling better. I love to get everything out of my head and put it in front of me. Creating a whole place where I put these thoughts and in return can have others who relate or hopefully find some sort of support, help, or positivity from it is all I aim for. I’ve started two blogs before this one, but they were primarily aimed towards pleasing a certain audience. Now with this blog I don’t hold back and I write what I want to write, what makes me feel better and what makes me heal. I’m not worried about the number of views I receive, as long as I make the commitment to myself to publish these posts regularly to keep my head clear and healthy. I appreciate all my followers but would be the uttermost happy if I just at the minimum could reach one person with my words.


    1. Oh my gosh YES!! That is the perfect way to describe it! I mean, graphic, sure, but so accurate πŸ™‚ We definitely sound like we’ve had similar journeys. I used to have a makeup blog, and as much as I loved makeup, I felt like I was only doing that blog because I thought it’s what people would want to read.

      My blog now, I write whatever moves me and while I admit I do kind of track my views a bit to see where they’re at, it doesn’t bother me as much if I don’t get the views I hoped.

      I definitely agree with all of this β™₯ Thank you so much for your comment!!


  2. Thanks for clarifying this first for yourself then for all bloggers.
    I truly love studying the Holy Bible (forgive me if I sound too religious 😊), and I love making notes while at it.
    My blog provides an avenue to pour out all my thoughts (and insights) as I study. And I find people are blessed just reading another’s narrative of the Holy Book. It’s a win-win for meπŸ˜‹β€


  3. I just started to blog two weeks ago, I have wanted to write for awhile but never knew what to start with. I thought blogging would be a good format and I went for bipolar because I feel there is such stigma still attached to mental health and people need to be part of the conversation. It also was cathartic, my first post was called racing thoughts and even after five posts I feel better–get the zooming out of my head and down on paper and as you have mentioned if I can help anyone or make anyone feel not alone it would make me happy. I also want to “come out of the closet” as it were. Not to be afraid to talk about it. I also have been doing more reading, blogs, books about the subject and the research is also cathartic. I have other things I want to write and might try them out as side notes on my main posts.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment πŸ’œ I definitely agree with you. There is still such a stigma, with the mental health community as a whole, and I think it is so important for us to be open and talk about it!!

      Writing what makes you happy is always best!! On my blog occasionally I do posts aside from mental health. I recently did one about Gilmore Girls, so I totally get it! Best of luck on your blog journey πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  4. I started blogging because of a need to get some stuff out and share it with the world. That sense of urgency has kind of died down over time, but I still enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others.


  5. I am glad you have your blog. I know, in my life, blogging has helped me immensely. It is therapeutic to get these things out there and, like you said, if even one person is helped, it is worth it all. I started my blog for two reasons. One, I feel like the church isn’t very good at dealing with mental illness and I wanted to put a Christian face to the suffering of a mental disorder. Two, I wanted to hold forth the hope I have found in Christ to my fellow sufferers. I feel that I am doing what I am called to do and I trust that God will make something out of the craziness of my life. That is my hope and my reason for blogging.


  6. I guess pretty much the same reasons you started yours. Now it’s become a nice hobby and I’m enjoying writing about whatever makes me feel good.


  7. love this post! I blog for the same reason you mention in that if one person can feel comfort and less alone from my story then it is worth it. I also blog to educate readers suffering from bipolar disorder on the various forms depression/mania can take and what it looks like in how it relates to my personal life. Thanks for sharing since I think I needed a reminder why I was doing this in the first place.


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