My First Clonazepam Update

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I wanted to talk more about my recent anxiety medication change. I am no longer on Ativan (which in itself a major positive thing.)

I started Clonazepam on Tuesday the 26th of March and that first day was very different. I took the early morning dosage and while I had some morning anxiety once the medication hit my system I could tell things were much different.

Here is a typical day on Ativan. I take 1mg in the morning. By noon-1pm I am already having major anxiety. I have to wait until about 5pm to take another 1m or 2mg based on the anxiety level. That will last me until about 9pm where I would have to take 1-2mg in hopes my anxiety still doesn’t spiral. In a typical week, I would have 3-4 panic attacks (as of recently) and i was a struggle every moment.

Taking clonazepam three times a day (it lasts about 6-8 each 1mg pill) has made my anxiety very manageable. I had one small panic attack when I forgot to take my evening dose. Other than that my social has been manageable. I feel better and more confident. It is a small sample size and I have a few weeks to go to see major differences, but this could be what I needed to finally be in a place to work out the triggers of my social anxiety.

I am going to stay positive.

Always Keep Fighting


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51 Replies to “My First Clonazepam Update”

  1. Clonazepam saved my life when I first started meds last summer. It was the only thing that got me from the gutters during my depressive episode! But it made me super sleepy so I only took 1mg at night each day. So glad you found a better alternative! Hope it doesn’t make you sedated though!

    1. I have a high tolerance and medication like clonazepam so they don’t effect my sleep. It is hard for a medication to effect me that way. It I am liking the way it makes me feel. I wish I would have started sooner but it is what it is. Thanks for sharing Haelim!

      1. I wish I can say the same about my meds. I take one and I’m fighting to go to sleep ASAP, can’t even drive when I take them.

      2. Yes, I do too but dread to do the sleeping test. So I must take sleep aid medicine every night. Otherwise I’m up until 3am! Have you done the sleep test?

      3. Good for you! I know I need one, I can’t sleep for anything without the sleep aid. I think it’s also not wanting the validation of something ‘else’ being ‘wrong.’

      4. I know I have it, I just don’t think I’m mentally ready to have a medical profesional confirm what I already know. Let’s see how much longer I can go on being in denial. Are you sleeping with the machine?

      5. I did in the past but the mask were an issue and couldn’t find one that worked so my insurance took it away.

      6. Ugh! Insurance, such a sh$t show, after about a year of seeing my psychologist, I can no longer see her because she’s now ‘out of network.’ You can’t imagine James my frustration when I found out. It’s been about 4 months and I’m still without therapy. 😣 Loved her!

      7. That’s the worse! Insurance in this country is such a joke. You just don’t get enough coverage to really hell your mental health.

      8. I don’t understand it at all! I want to be well, but paying out of pocket is just too expensive. And mental health is just as important as the physical. But of course, they don’t get it.

  2. My anxiety isn’t as pervasive as yours. I have prescriptions to Ativan, Clonazepam, and hydrocyclene (?). I take them as needed, the stronger the attack, the stronger the medication I take. I do well most of the time, but the proper med for the strength of the attack works great. Anxiety is a real bear. Someone who hasn’t experienced it can’t understand what it’s like.

  3. Thanks for sharing, do you find this new medication to be more effective so far?

    1. Yes! I have seen a major difference. My anxiety is way down and I am managing so much better. I will be writing a post once a week about my journey over the next four weeks.

  4. Hope the new med will give you needed relief. I was on clonazepam and last year got switched overt to lexapro.
    This whole anxiety thing is daunting enough, let alone having to take meds to feel any type of relief. But taking it one day at a time and remembering to breathe helps a lot.

  5. I’m sorry you started taking this medication. Clonazepam is Klonopin which nearly killed me and stole 20 years of my life. Many psychiatrists are taking all patients off this medication. It is very dangerous. I loved it when I first started it too. It made me feel great until I unknowingly became physically dependent. The withdrawals were a different kind of hell. Be careful. Please read up on the dangers of Benzos and especially Klonopin. I know everyone is different but the best thing I EVER DID was STOP taking Klonopin which is the same thing as Clonazepam. I’m sorry to write this but I must speak the truth. I wish I NEVER TOOK CLONAZEPAM. It was my biggest mistake and regret in my life… BEST thing I ever did was STOP TAKING Clonazeoam Honestly. It is a bandaid fir today only.. do not take longer than two weeks. I have to warn you. I am sorry. I know you will do what you think is best for you right now but I had to share my experience openly and honestly. Ask a pharmacist. Call one up. They will give you the truth. Please research this and don’t give wrong infornation about this medication without warning others. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I know everyone is different but Klonopin–Clonazepam is becoming the new epidemic. New research is out. I have written many posts about this on my blog.

    1. I wanted to say first that I did read up on the drug. I took Ativan for 11 years and I understood the dependency on benzos. This is not the end all solution. It will give me the opportunity to figure out my social anxiety triggers and get CBT. Thank you for your warning. My doctors are monitoring and like you said everyone of different. I will however look at the research.

      1. Thank you for understanding. I didn’t want to write my comment but I had to. I have to educate about what this drug can do. The withdrawals will incapacitate you for weeks to months–everyone is different. I had severe anxiety–I thought. Blessed to be forced off Klonopin I learned that I DON’T have any anxiety afterall. It was withdrawals I was experiencing for years of my life. I’m very sorry because I know how happy you are about it. I know the feeling of it and I loved it at first and was ANGRY any time someone said anything bad about it so I get it. Klonopin creates a little euphoria too–for a little while–at first. I’m so sorry. Im preaching. So sorry I am rambling. I’ll stop. I only shared because I CARE. I pray for the best for you James. Keep up the good work. Much love and hugs, Sue

      2. Your absolutely right Sue. I was thinking could write a post for the blog. It would be helpful to see your point of view. I do have anxiety. There is no doubt.

  6. James please just share the warnings, addiction, dependency, increase in suicidal ideations (caused mine), adverse reactions, severe side effects, withdrawals from hell and risks over benefits of long-term use of Clonazepam (Klonopin) which is longer than two weeks. I am not a doctor but have lived experience and knowledge of many others that have had the same negative experiences. Thanks for reading and sorry to be the bearer of such negative news. I just never want others to go through what I did. I wish someone had warned me so I must do it now. Be well.

      1. I’m just worried people will follow your lead. You have a lot of followers. Short term it is okay and everyone NEW to it loves it it seens like a life saver. For me too. Exactly felt this way before it wrecked my life. It took a while for it to happen but your brain will soon adjust to it and anxiety like symptoms will return even stronger. You will become like dope sick–benzo–k-pin sick. Sorry. I will stop. Just a warning.

      2. I promise that (this) is my last comment on this. I’m just so passionate about it but I’m done. Best wishes my friend. It will help at first. I hope this is the answer for you. Hugs and prayers.

  7. I am glad the med change seems to be working for you. I have taken many different meds over the years and sometimes they work for a while and then loose their effectiveness. I pray that you will continue to see improvement with the clonazepam and that the anxiety will be more manageable for you. Stay strong, man.

  8. James,

    I had the exact same experience when I switched from Ativan to Clonazepam. It’s a much longer acting benzo then ativan. I feel like my anxiety is manageable again. Stay strong and I’m always here if you need to talk!

      1. I’ve been on clonazepam for three months. I take 1mg (morning, noon and before bed). It worked right away for me. Ativan is a much shorter acting benzo. Clonazepam is a bit stronger but also lasts much longer.

      2. That’s exactly why I am glad I made the switch. One of my followers warned me about long term effects but I was on Ativan 11 years. Taking 1mg 3 times a day is really working. I take the same about as you.

      3. I was on Ativan for almost 13 years. It did absolutely nothing for me. I felt like I was jumping out of my skin with anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping or able to function at all. I hope the clonazepam continues to work for you! I’m doing so much better and I swear it saves my life.

      4. I feel the same. The Ativan was useless the last two years and I was always on edge. Now I can get things done with little anxiety.

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