SSI journey part 1

today i sit at home thinking about all of the things that i have done wrong. that’s when i realized that there are a lot of holes in my memory. i have never had a great memory like a lot of people thought that i had. i frequently forget what peoples names are unless i look them up in my phone or at work i look them up through our system. so i have had a rough few years. my hours have been slim to none. this week i only work 7.5 hours. my checks are getting to be small and now i have really needed help financially. although also this week i have a meeting with someone from the local disability network.

i am working towards getting SSI. I have been working towards getting SSI for a while now but to afraid to apply for it. some things that really prevent me from applying is the fact that i have been denied for it in the past.

3 Replies to “SSI journey part 1”

  1. It took me over two years (with an attorney) to get approved for permanent disability and SSI. Good luck!! It’s not easy and have to have soooo much documented from your doctors. If you ever have a question, feel free to ask.


  2. I am on disability and I was denied the first time I applied. I had to get an attorney and on the second try I was awarded it. I hope that you get what you need. It can be a long process but hang in there. I pray it all works out for you in the end.


  3. Sigh. I have applied for disability and they are still processing my claim. I have never heard ONE story where someone applied for and got SSDI on the first shot. I’ve heard similar things about SSI. I just lost my unemployment benefits, and I know exactly how scary this stuff is. Hang in there.


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