When I thought life is crazy. It’s getting crazier

Hello and welcome back! If you miss me too much. You can find me here! And my last post here was a poem called letter to myself.

Now today, I have been staring at the screen of my laptop for some time. I just finished working on a big project for school. One deadline less, but still much more work to do. But my tiredness and chronic lack of sleep are catching up to me. Yeah my normal sleep is around 4 hours (maximum), and an adult should at least get 8 hours sleep. Anyway I wanted to share a little update about my life, and my juggling with everything. Let dig into it! Anyone else craving some ice cream ;). Just kidding, now time to get serious.

Panick attack

A couple of weeks I had a panick attack and after that panick attack I had a full force anxiety attack. Which was no fun for 2 weeks. Took me so long to feel a little better. But it always gets better. Here is a short list with things I do to stimulate some positive change. I hope this list might be something that can also help you.

  • Sleep, lots of sleep.
  • Only listen to calm positive music/TV
  • A step back from social media
  • Spend time with the people I care about, and they care about me.
  • I try not to be too hard on myself in those recovery days. (I want things to be perfect so this is always a hard one)
  • Make art (I draw) or just write it all down. Just to get it all out of my system all the emotions.

School stress

This semester I am under a lot of stress, to get all my deadlines finished. There was one group project that turned into an eye sore. Due to the fact that my group mates dropped out of school. So now this super big project I have to finish alone.. yeah sometimes it just feels like life likes to stab me in the back. Anyway so far I’m surviving it alone and I’m going to finish it. (Trying to motivate myself)

I am micro managing my time, since there is lots to get done. I have to make the best out of every day. Heck my art time is planned in.

Wedding planning

Some of you might know this, but I’m getting married. And that means a lot of extra stress and work. It’s getting better lately, since almost all of the inventions are send. But it is not done yet.

If you have any tips about how to juggle everything at the same time. Your advice is always welcome.

This is a little bit in short everything that has been happening in my life. I love to hear your story and maybe any advice you have on any of the topics. I want to end this blog with one of my favorite quotes.

If we had no winter, spring wouldn’t be so pleasant.


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2 Replies to “When I thought life is crazy. It’s getting crazier”

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like you have a lot going on. Thanks for sharing your coping strategies. I am sure they will help many who struggle with similar issues. Hang in there and keep moving forward. Best wishes!


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