Hello to my depression

Hello, depression lets talk. You tell me that nobody will want me. You tell me that I’m not good enough. No matter what I do you always have to cloud my judgment. You tell me I’m the ugliest person around. Yet things between are strained and I like that. I need things between us to be strained, because if they are strained then that means I’m getting better. No matter what I am the master here not you. There is no “us” or “this” or future for us.

You told that the pain would be there for the rest of my life. You told me that i would always cut and burn myself. There was no mistake when i stopped. That was the last time I was going to let you control what I did. No matter what I did you were never happy. All you ever told me was that I was never good enough. That talk ends today. I can’t be having these insecure thoughts anymore.

You will be the end of me if I don’t stop the self loathing now for good. now I know that at some point in my life i will have to come down from this high, but for now I need to be high. Thank you for the time spent together but now it is time for you to move on.

6 Replies to “Hello to my depression”

  1. Very hard confronting your inner demons but it can be done if you start believing in yourself. Your opinion of you is more important than anyone else’s opinion. A fundamental truth you must always keep in mind even when those little demons try to tell you otherwise. The truth will prevail.


  2. Best of luck on your continued journey of healing and getting better! It is not easy, but it seems to be a path so many of us travel…


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