Medical Marajuana​

so today i have been thinking about talking to my counselor about going on to medical marijuana. i have been thinking about this for awhile and it takes a lot for me to talk about anything that means that i actually need to talk to my med nurse and my counselor. to be perfectly honest i am afraid that they’ll say that it’s a bad idea. i don’t want somdeone to tell me it’s a bad idea again. no matter what i think someone will always tell me that what ever i am doing that i’m wrong. i hate being told that i am wrong. i can’t be told i’m wrong again it makes me feel like everything that i have done is a mistake. although now that i have thought about it ii wouldn’t be here telling you about this if i hadn’t made mistakes.

i love my fiance so much. i couldn’t see life without him even though i have left him twice now. i haven’t been able to stay stable for so long in many years. i can’t stand to think of me leaving him i feel so bad. i think about it and it gets me to thinking that im a bad person. im so scared that he’ll leave me for someone that’s better for him. im just a ball of crazy and that’s part of the reason that i think that marijuana will help. it’s that i thought it would help to keep me balanced or at least thats the thought.

so far i havent been able to get the paparework together. i feel the need to talk to my counselor and to my med nurse abotu it. i feel the need to get their permission for some sort of reason.

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  1. You have one the key ingredient to healing, that most don’t have; someone to listen. Being told no should not make you feel like a failure, but you should consider why “something” is right for you, when everyone else say it’s wrong.


  2. It depends on what your issue is. If you have anxiety… I seriously don’t recommend it unless you get the high CBD, very low THC kind. In general, i don’t think THC is good for mental health issues. I speak from long experience. I used to be a huge bong-hitting stoner, and last year i vaporized flower for about 5 months to get off booze. It worked to that purpose for a while for me, but your tolerance will build up super fast and before you know it, being high becomes the same as being not high – pretty much. There’s only one thing weed is good for: Music Enjoyment. Beyond that, weed has no practical medical value. Some say it relieves pain – not for me. Maybe for people with chronic pain. It’s your choice, but imo weed is strictly recreational for most ppl and best enjoyed not that often… and when a person is already feeling okay. It’s not The Answer.


  3. When i was younger i smoked a lot of weed. I was self-medicating my budding schizoaffective disorder and felt like it was a better option than the psych drugs i was being prescribed. I feel like it cause more problems in the long run though. It feels good in the moment but i think it tends to destabilize you more over time. It can also make some people more anxious and paranoid. I would definitely be careful with this stuff. This is coming from a former pothead.


  4. It’s only just been made legal over here (UK) for limited medical purposes and as yet no-one has been prescribed any according to press reports. Not even the little boy whose case led to a change in the law.

    I agree with Kevin. Be very careful.


  5. I know I am a little late to the party here, but… I notice that many of these comments are… snappy. I hope this will come across less so… So, I have used marijuana to self medicate in the past and will *occasionally* use it to do this to this day (recreationally legal here, occasionally being a key word). That being said, here are some things to consider:
    (1) Using it every day or for the super long-term really isn’t a great idea. My tolerance built up fast and, soon, it made me worse more than it made me better. This was remedied by limiting myself to once a week, but I had to have the self-control to be able to do this. I’m not sure how bad your manic phases are, but impulse control is important around any intoxicant. Also, just like with meds, there will be a period of getting used to it and adjusting “doses.”
    (2) People say THC has no medical value and that’s bull. THC is what helped me. CBD only made me worse.
    (3) That being said, I am only depressed – I do not have bipolar disorder. That is part of why THC, which is more energizing than CBD, was better for me. THC could very likely trigger manic episodes and you should definitely be careful. But, CBD can also worsen depression, so…
    (4) When I started using marijuana, I did so around people who were already very familiar with it. If you do choose to experiment with it, I cannot recommend doing the same enough. Trying it will be a somewhat nerve-wracking experience even in the best circumstances and having people (who know how to handle the situation) around is super important. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an informed person around.
    (5) You should understand that a lack of studies means that there is almost no way to tell how it might interact with any medication you are already on. It could be fine. It could be hell.
    (6) Since so much is unknown, it will make any prescribers you have nervous and they will say not to try – both for your sake and to avoid a lawsuit. You shouldn’t expect otherwise.
    (7) Seriously consider how this may affect other areas of your life. Most employers do not hire people who they know use marijuana (even in areas where it is legal). So, finding work in the future could be difficult if you choose to use marijuana. Also, consider impacts it may have on your family and social life. My friends don’t care. My family is tolerant, but they do not like that I consume marijuana; however, I have known people who were kicked out or lost friends over it.
    (8) Please know that my experiences have taught me that it probably should not be your main medication, if you need one. I have found it really only helps when I’m feeling moderately depressed. It gives me enough energy to motivate myself and get moving. Kind of like caffeine (I can’t actually have caffeine, and please remember this is THC specific). When I am very depressed and use it, I only become more depressed. It more helps with maintaining rather than achieving stability.
    (9) Please know that weed is like any vice. Used wisely, it can be great. Used poorly, and it can really screw up your life. I’m not here to say definitely do or do not do it. I just want to give you some advice I wish I heard when choosing to try marijuana.
    I hope any of this helped.


    1. Note: I now regret my use of the word snappy and bull. Bull is just rude. And, snappy… I should have said brief. I was thinking more like the speed of snapping your fingers. I remembered afterwards that’s not really what snappy means…


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