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I have some exciting news! I have found a publisher for The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir! It is a legit publisher that focuses on mental health authors! It really is a match made in heaven. I need your help, my fellow bloggers!

You know I have been trying to launch my Patreon account (which if you don’t know is subscription-based crowdfunding where you are part of the writer’s entire process.) What I need is to challenge my followers to subscribe to my $2 tier because I have to pay for a cover designer (which is $500). It is the only fee and I am a bit short as I know many mental health writers are at the moment. If you can please help me click the button below and help The Bipolar Writer realize his dreams. You wont be dissapointed!

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Everyone that joins will get a special release of a poem never before seen from me!

Thank you everyone!

Always Keep Fighting


Become a Patron!

21 Replies to “News and Help for The Bipolar Writer”

      1. Wow. Thank you for the link James. I looked at their website and it does sound legit and sounds awesome. Did they already accept your manuscript??? It sounds perfect. I wish you the best. What a great find James. How did you find it??? Just an FYI–Trigger publishing is a tradional publisher that publishes mental health books as well. If they select your manuscript you don’t/won’t pay antyhing but they have to accept your manuscript first. There is another blogger that will have her memoir published in November by Trigger publishing. I submitted mine and am still waiting to hear back from them–praying and crossing my fingers, toes and eyes. Congratulations on finding your publisher. I hope it all works out.


  1. Just another FYI for you…. publishes books for free and provides you with formats to design your own cover if you want to self-publish. I think the books turn out beautifully but they don’t edit them and you have to promote your own book. They will even put them on Amazon etc. Just an FYI. Best wishes for you James.


  2. Thanks James. I don’t think I will send them mine. Seemed too easy or something. I’m gonna keep them in mind but keep praying and working on others. Best of luck on your memoir.


      1. Hi James. I looked at that publisher again and you are absolutley right and should be proud of yourself. They look good and are doing great things. I did submit my entire manuscript today and prayerfyully they will like it and want top publish it. Have they fully accepted yours to publish and you just have to do the cover art for it? Just wondering and wondering how ling it took. Thank you for letting me know about the publisher. I like the things they are working on. They are new but are doing great things for mental health. I would love to be a part of that. I hope you are well James. Happy writing.


      2. I am currently in the editing process. I think it depends on the manuscript. They are new but I came to the same conclusion that they are doing great things with mental health. I hope they pickup your manuscript as well.


      3. Hi James. That is great news for you. Did you figure out about the cover art expense? I hope that works out for you. It isn’t too bad a price really. They are picking up my manuscript but I haven’t signed the contract yet. I am waiting on another publisher first. Trigger publishing. They havent got back to me yet. After I here back from them then I would sign but I hesitate jus tin case. Yikes. It is almost been 12 weeks with Trigger Pub. and they respond either way so I should hear back very soon. Thank you for helping me learn about them. You are awesome. Always.


      4. Hey have had a chance to check out my Patreon account. I am always looking for new patrons. I am currently working on a new book and as soon as my book is published I will be giving out copies for certain tiers.


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