How Do I Become a Better Mental Health Advocate?

I am in a strange place in my life at the moment. My advocacy for the longest time has been to share my story. I am currently in the editing part of the publishing process with my new publisher. My goal for so long when it came to advocating for mental health was to get to this point.

And now? I am not sure where to go from here. I had this grand idea that I could launch my Patron with quick success, start working towards starting creating a brand–The Bipolar Writer. I finally found a logo that I love and it could mean merchandise in the future. There is my idea of creating The Bipolar Writer podcast, and I even had a fellow mental health advocate willing to work with me.

Then I got busy. Advocacy took a backseat to finals for my graduate classes. I began to write less here, and many of my posts lately have been partly desperation pleas to help me get my Patreon numbers up. I feel the pressure of having to continue to take things to the next level and indeed keep my mental health advocacy at the highest level.

I know I should be elated that my book is getting published and I am excited at the prospect.

But, I started this blog to start something more significant and while my contributors have taken this blog to new heights, I feel as I have personally failed my fellow mental health suffers because I am not continuing to help end the stigma. I feel as if I need to always be changing the game because I took on that responsibility when I made my story open to the world.

I don’t know where I go from here or even if this blog will survive much longer. Lately, no matter what I do out numbers are lower than they were the year before, and we set some fantastic records last year at this time. I just feel that nothing is going right and it is because I am not here every day trying to save the world. It sounds silly, but I always thought all of this was leading to bigger things. Now I am not sure I really am an advocate.

How do I become a better mental health advocate?

I just don’t know anymore. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to rant. I will try to write more informative mental health posts in the coming weeks. I would love to hear from you, my fellow mental health sufferers, what you think I can do to be a better mental health advocate.

Always Keep Fighting my Friends


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14 Replies to “How Do I Become a Better Mental Health Advocate?”

  1. Please don’t give up just because of numbers! You are still helping all of your followers who are already with you, and more will come. What about guest blogging on mental health websites (not just blogs) or speaking at a local high school? Also, check out this organization I recently discovered, that has advocates for mental health on college campuses: Maybe you could get in contact with them.


    1. It’s not really about the numbers I just feel ineffective in how I am advocating. There just isn’t enough hours in the day and feel like I am not doing enough anymore. I will check out that organization. Thank you for believing in me.


  2. First keep talking about mental health, second once your book is published you may have more opportunities like news shows or local papers etc…just keep being who you are. Lots of people haven’t heard your story. I started blogging last year for example not years ago so bringing back old interviews is great for me. But I would say even if it seems like you’ve talked about something before like anxiety, there may be someone reading your blog the first time today.


    1. That is true. I think the need to help every person out there seems silly. I can only help those that come to this blog. The best thing is to keep sharing and try to believe that I am making a difference.


  3. U r a very inspiring person to me as well as so many others I’m sure because of the accomplishments you’ve made while going through mental health issues. Please keep going. I know u will continue to affect and help people.


  4. This blog is beautiful and motivating. I pray that after you’ve regrouped you will find your way…🙏🏾


  5. I think what you are doing here is an awesome thing. Don’t let the numbers get to you. I haven’t been blogging for all that long but I have seen that I sometimes get a lot of views and sometimes only a few. It seems to come in cycles. Just stick to your guns and do what you feel you are called to do. I am sure you have helped many people out through your writings and this blog. I pray that you will get through this time and continue to see the fruit of your efforts.


  6. When things don’t go your way do not give up.We can never tell who comes later in the day or tomorrow and finds your story a life changer.You can do this – for others.


  7. Numbers can be discouraging but I think that you can be proud of the space you started. I enjoy reading your posts that are just about what you are up to. I think that it is an important part of your story. Life isn’t all depression, anxiety, medicines, and struggles. It’s triumph and big milestones and boring exams. The only person you need to take care of is yourself. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. When you started this blog you probably didn’t think it was enough….your book can really do something big! Focus on what you need to at the moment.


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