Writing Topics for June

It has been a struggle to keep up writing new content for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog. With my hectic schedule with my graduate courses, my freelance work, and my writing projects there is just not enough time to do everything that I want to get done. I want to change this narrative.

So, this blog post is asking what type of new content would you like to see on this blog. It can me anything mental related and I will make sure that I write good post. So leave your ideas in the comments.

Always Keep Fighting


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12 Replies to “Writing Topics for June”

  1. Now that I’m in the thick of my healing journey, I’m finding it difficult to find work or even concentrate on looking for it. I know you’re a writer but how do you pay the bills?


  2. My mom is an addict and I haven’t had a relationship with her my whole life. Can you maybe explain the thoughts/feelings of people with poor mental health and how that affects their relationships with others? I’d like to know more from the opposite side on this.


    1. I’d actually like to see both sides of this. My mental health has prevented me from having the ideal relationship with my daughter (who hasn’t spoken to me in years but refuses to tell me why).


  3. U could write about how drugs alcohol and cigarettes affect mental health. Even small amounts.


    1. While I have never done anything outside of marijuana and I wrote about my experiences with alcohol and cigarettes but I might be good to write about it again


  4. I have learned much from your writings about your struggles with medication. I sometimes feel I am weak since I have to stay with my meds. Could you talk about your struggles with this?


  5. Can we talk about ways of making real other kinds of collaboration? Jointly writing, making submissions not nerdy but more help ‘us’ kind of stuff??


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