A New Bipolar Writer Blog Milestone

12,000 Followers on The Bipolar Writer Blog

I always celebrate the significant milestones of the Bipolar Writer blog. I know I am not around as much, but I wanted to say The Bipolar Writer blog has reached the 12,000 followers milestone!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone following this blog and keeping it going. To my contributors, thank you for being there even when I can not by creating valuable mental health content. Let us celebrate our mental health advocacy, mental illness, and mental health recovery wellness.

Always Keep Fighting

James, and the Contributors of The Bipolar Writer blog

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8 Replies to “A New Bipolar Writer Blog Milestone”

  1. This is awesome! I just discovered this blog after starting a website for my crime/thriller novel. I’m totally new to blogging but this inspires me to enjoy the community side of writing as well. Instead of just the -sit in my room alone- part lol Thanks!


      1. Looking forward to seeing it!! Do you have any opinions on my website, out of curiosity? Normally I don’t bug others to check our my site, but I noticed you already gave me a follow. And I appreciate that! This is my first website so I’m excited to hear feedback from fellow writers.


  2. Well deserved, James. Keep up the good work and doing what your doing.
    Warm regards,


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