Celebrating my “anniversary”

I’m reaching my first anniversary of my diagnosis (depression and OCD) – July 5th. 

I thought I would be extra sensitive leading up to those days, but thankfully – life has been keeping me pretty occupied to help me not dwell in negative thoughts.

Being part of this collaborative blog, I’ve seen many bloggers writing about their anniversary of mental illness diagnosis. I greatly admire many bloggers that have been battling for many years and I hope to share my story like they do after many years. 

Fellow bloggers, is it weird to “celebrate” the diagnosis of anniversary? If you do “celebrate”, what do you do?

(When I say celebrate, I mean it more of acknowledging the meaning of my diagnosis and doing something to remember that day)

5 Replies to “Celebrating my “anniversary””

  1. Hi, I think there is nothing wrong with sharing your anniversary I think it’s a gesture that sees what you’ve been through and how you have come this far,take a look at my mental health blog and see the different strategies of how I’ve come this far to change my emotions it’s not weird at all Thanks for posting. 👍


  2. My anniversary isn’t just one day. It’s about two months of doctor’s appointments and three weeks of being in the hospital. One of those days I finally got my diagnosis. I don’t really even think about it anymore. I do remember the relief, though. Finally, we have a name for all this stuff going on.

    Do what feels natural for you.


  3. My diagnosis (Major Depression with Psychosis features) anniversary tends to be a bit emotional. But yes, talking about the anniversary always gives me room to update on the progress I have made. And I have made a lot of progress over the past few years. ❤


  4. I wouldn’t call it celebrating personally but there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to acknowledge and reflect on the path your life has taken since diagnosis. It’s different for everybody but for me, it’s helpful to think how far I’ve come since I could put a name to this monster that invaded my life.


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