How I have been

So my doctor said I could start on CBD oil. I’m really proud of myself for not taking no as an answer and doing my research on it myself. If I hadn’t insisted on trying it i wouldn’t be feeling better and able to write more. i would be trying to keep level headed during a panic episode and it would not be good.

I am trying to keep level headed a work because i feel like I might be losing my job. I am doing my best to keep my head down and my spirits high because i need this job. Yes I may not be doing well at it but I am trying. I can say that but a lot of people can’t.

I’m not sure what people will or have said about me behind my back but I am starting to not care about what people think about me, because it does no good thinking about what people will or have said about you. Plus I am not one to judge people usually but lately i have been judging. I’m not proud of it but at least i can say that i try not to. I feel bad when I judge people.

I hate being judged and yet lately i have been judging people who don’t deserve to be judged. I’m trying to be better than most people but I know that will never be the case for me. I hope that you all are feling okay and if no that’s okay too.

6 Replies to “How I have been”

  1. It’s hard not to judge sometimes, the difference is you are trying not to. That’s the best thing any of us can do.


    1. thank you for these words. i know that every one is trying to not do that.



    If you need CBD oils- I have products that you will LOVE. I use the CBD bath bombs for anxiety. I use my CBD Vape Juice for anxiety and depression!!!!! I would love to see you happier and feel the relief i have.

    Have a wonderful day, and good luck with your blogging venture. I hope it’s an outlet that finds you happiness and focus.


    1. thank you. this decision was made by my doctor, me, my fiancee, and my counselor; because my anxiety had gotten pretty bad again. i don’t feel like having another panic attack at work.


      1. I totally understand!! I’m praying for positive vibes and love and happiness to overflow for you!!!


  3. Hey, best wishes to the new treatment working for you. Maybe now is a good time to search for another gig?


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