Realizing my Dream – The Bipolar Writer Memoir

It feels strange to be so close to publishing my memoir which is the culmination of almost two years of work.

From the idea to now having the right publisher, to going through the editing process has been an amazing experience one that, as a writer, I really needed.

I needed to write this memoir. It was always there, the idea, and my other writing projects since have been successful because I finally got to the point where I have a publisher. Now, project ideas and completing projects (my 200k word fantasy fiction novel is at its first draft, and I am close to self-publishing my novella) have made a stressful year at least one where I am completing my goals.

I have not really taken a step back and realized that life is not so bad, that despite my mental illnesses I have done great things that will continue to help me not just continue this road to recovery but make me feel good–something missing in my life of late.

I am close to realizing my dream of being a published author, and I should take stock in that feeling and help it drive the next few weeks of my life. No matter how things get bad, things can always get better. I am living proof of that, and today I will say that life is not all bad. There is light in my life in all the darkness.

Always Keep Fighting


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13 Replies to “Realizing my Dream – The Bipolar Writer Memoir”

  1. Congratulations! Writing memoir takes a lot of work. I hope you feel great for this accomplishment!


  2. Very curious to hear about your experience with publishing your memoir…I am in a very similar timeline/mental state with my own memoir, so sending you blessings! Thanks also for supporting my blog :}


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