Depressed or Sad?

It has recently come to my attention that every time I get sad, I immediately start panicking if I’m relapsing for depression.

Sadness is an emotion that any human beings can experience. Definitely not saying depression is not normal – but sadness is something that we can more commonly experience than feeling depressed.

Missing your friends and family in a different city certainly does make me sad, but it doesn’t make me depressed.

I don’t know why it took me so long to come to the conclusion that just because I get sad, that doesn’t mean that I’m relapsing into another depressive episode.

Does anyone else struggle with this or have struggled with this in the past? 

Realizing this for myself gives me so much peace, knowing that I was able to combat my own thoughts. Nevertheless, I can’t help but to wonder if people who have suffered depression before are just more prone to something like this?

15 Replies to “Depressed or Sad?”

  1. Definitely you want to be happy you want the euphoria cause it feels so great. you feel invincible and when you realize somethings wrong and depression is peeking around the corner you’re like not you again.


  2. Hi Haelim, I’ve written a few posts about depression but you touch on an interesting point here regarding the contrast between sadness and depression. I think sadness is a normal reflective emotion on the people we have lost or regrets we may have. See my recent post about failure, and you’ll see how closely entwined these connections are. Sadness can turn into depression if we linger in it too long also, so be mindful of not lingering too long. All the best. Jakob x


  3. Thank you. Very accurate and mature writing. Being depressed isnt depression. Being sad isnt depression. Both symptoms of depression but both able to exist outside the realm of unconditional depression. Prayers for you,myself and all the others who suffer


  4. I have a fear of this too, whenever I tend to get sad, I really really get scared thinking I might relapse into depression


  5. I think it’s a really normal fear—and sometimes, in the moment, we might not really be able to distinguish between sad/bad feelings that will pass and the sticky sadness, numbness or lethargy of depression. I try in those minutes not to race too far ahead in my mind, not to jump to conclusions about what it all means, and just be as kind to myself as I can right now. I hope you will also be gentle with yourself in the midst of any suffering.


  6. Awesome read! I go through waves of emotions all 365 days of the year due to my TBI. I started my blog up April 2019. I can’t work to brachial plexus injury (right arm doesn’t work) & severe head injury in 2013. Since then, health & fitness has become a big part of my life, I had a baby in 2017, married 2018, another kid 2019. I would love to interact if you get a chance! or 🙂 have a lovely day! Xx


  7. I always worry sadness will turn into depression and, under the wrong circumstances, it does.

    This is when it’s most important to ride waves. Fighting might sink you.


  8. I catch myself in reflection often about the past. The older I get the more it happens and often its a prelude to a sad day. It’s the invasive and random thoughts that always worries me that it will trigger a longer bout.


  9. Very interesting read! ❤️I wrote an open letter blog about my depression, If
    you want to read,I understand the sadness, and I agree to the above I think saddness turns into depression, as it happened me a long time !! stay strong and positive my friend ✌🙏❤️


  10. Revelation 21:3-4 bring out the outcry and pain will be a thing of the past. This is a huge blessing that will come about for mankind under a new government. Matthew 6:9-10. Only our creator can do away with such things. To learn about about what he can do go to we pray for this to come because so many suffer with sadness and illness. 😦 hope these verses bring you comfort. Even our worst day is only 24 hours. ♡


  11. I think this is one of the ways I get into depressed periods, as I overthink my sadness, and panic that I’m becoming depressed, and so I actually do become it. Just my thoughts wreaking havoc


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