As I entered the field of social work, the term “self-care” has been a constant term that has been getting drilled into our minds. Faculties and staff keep on reminding us to take care of ourselves, not only in a surface level – but in also in an interpersonal level.

I always said blogging is my form of self-care, and I still believe it is. However, I feel the need to “step up” my game and do something different as my form of self-care.

I understand self-care is completely up to myself and what others may think doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, there is almost a societal pressure to participate in things like meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga, coloring etc.

I wanted to hear from this community as I am on a quest to find my version of self-care. What does self-care look like for you? This may be a short post, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I can use some suggestions.


14 Replies to “Self-care”

  1. For me, self-care is just spending time with something that gives me peace or enjoyment. That could be peaceful music, that could be prayer, that could be taking a walk to a place I have never explored before.

  2. Doing something different and not caring (or at least trying not to care) what others think if I suck. Like, coloring is super relaxing, but if I tried to be “good” at it, it would just become another mallet to beat myself.

  3. I think exercising is a form of self care. I am a smoker so it takes a lot out of me to complete a 30 minute work out session. But after I’m done it really feels good. I can tell a huge difference when I exercise vs. Not. You would be surprised how much a nice walk will do for you.

    I am a beginner but I also like reading. It is a way to escape from your reality.

    Listening to music while I journal is also very helpful.

    I know I need to do more activities to enjoy my life but for now those activities seem to work for me.

  4. Sitting inthe front porch reading – and deciding not to worry about anything for the next 1-2 hours because it can all wait.

  5. For me self cares involves doing something that relaxes me. Taking some time for myself. It could be reading, sitting on the porch in a rocker, watching a movie or meditating/prayer. I need silence even though I am an extrovert. Down time is critical for me.

  6. My favorite form of self-care involves getting out in nature. Surrounded by trees, with nothing but the rustling of leaves and birdsong, it’s a fantastic way for me to broaden my perspective, away from everyday stress. Going to eat at a restaurant with a quirky atmosphere and wonderful food is another go-to of mine.

    1. You can never go wrong by going out in nature! I live in a college town, so maybe not the most viable option for me – but yes – eating good food and enjoying the meal definitely is amazing!

  7. Self-care for me is getting away from everything and everyone gust sitting around waiting movies and documentaries and or reading a book and not caring what time it is or what day it is.


  8. Thanks for sharing, I agree self care is so important. I view self care as just taking a little you time to focus on improving your mood/overall health. For me that’s blogging or a face mask with my favorite show.

  9. I am a social worker myself and I can say this field can drain you. But nonetheless my form of self-care is going to the gym, I normally go to the gym with a gym partner. Another form of self-care for me is painting, I feel so accomplished, relaxed and focused when I paint and complete my paintings. A few others are journaling, affirmations, self reflection and blogging.

  10. I would say a combination of exercise, diet, meditation and most of all sleep… each one of us has to find the perfect formula that goes by personal needs and lifestyle.
    For me, the most important thing is to be able to find balance in everything you need to do without stressing out over it 😉

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