I Need to Call My Therapist

Today was the peak of my anxious December. Each day I have been getting more and more anxious, little things add up to become huge issues in my head.

A week ago I was nearly in tears because I was overwhelmed by anxiety. I often feel like I need to have a perfectly spotless house. When I’m tired or just want to relax, I sometimes ignore that and keep on cleaning. It becomes too much for me to handle so I crack.

Today I was experiencing a lot of anxiety that I don’t know where it was coming from. I was angry at everyone and everything for no reason. I could feel my muscles tense from the anxiety so I thought I would go to the gym to release it. Sadly it only helped a little bit. I walked back into my house and the stress fell back on to my shoulders.

Anxiety is the freaking worst. For me it is worrying about everything. Anxiety is stress piled up so high on my mind that I cannot see the top. It is being unable to act because I am frozen with anxiety.

On Monday I am calling my therapist to make an appointment. I need to hash out the worries and blockades in my brain that are holding me back.

How has your mental health been? If you struggle with anxiety, are you managing it ok?


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  1. I’m struggling quite a bit right now. I’ve deactivated my social media accounts and that seems to be helping a bit. I’ll give it a few days and call my therapist if the anxiety doesn’t lessen. Big hugs to you.

    1. I’m glad that you’re taking positive steps to help yourself, Raven! Social media can be such a distraction and can be a negative place. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. I’m glad you are calling your therapist. When things pile up for me it helps to share with someone else who is understanding and carries no judgement 🙂

    1. I totally agree, Michelle! It’s great to have a therapist who is always on my team and there to help me when I need it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. December saw the peak of my anxiety. But I can say I’m trying to win over it. Doing things that scare me the most like going on stage, talking to people, etc. Don’t know if it’s helping. I hope you feel good and have a healthy 2020

    1. I’m proud that you are fighting your anxiety by doing the things that make you anxious. That is so brave! Hopefully your anxiety will ease up this month. Thank you and Happy 2020 to your as well!

  4. I have not been ok. December and January is always tough for me. I can feel myself slipping.
    This is made worse by my Grandmother dying not so long ago and encountering my father. I had cut him out of my life because of the toxic relationship we had.

    1. Jack, it really sucks that so many heavy things are happening to you at once. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma passing and you running into your dad. Grieving a loved one is so challenging, I hope you have a support system there to help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (professional or from family/friends) in this difficult time in your life!

      1. I do have an excellent support network in place. I’m very lucky. Thank you for your kind words.

    2. Cutting out my relatives out of my life is what I intend to do but, I have postponed it for a while because my dog is dying and it is unhealthy on his part to change environment.

      1. We can only heal if we remove the toxic elements of our life. I hope that you find peace. I’m sorry to hear about your dog.

      2. But, family is not suppose to be the toxic of our lives. Family should accept what and who we are and our only ally when the rest of the world walks out. Sad to say, only friends remain.

      3. You can’t choose your family. Not all my family are toxic. But those elements that are I needed to separate from. And you don’t find out who your true friends are until your back is against the wall. I hope you find the support and help you need even if it doesn’t come from family.

      4. Yes, true. When you are on your lowest point and downfall, only few relatives and friends remain and fully understand you.

      5. I’m sorry about your dog😞😞 I hope you two can make the best of this difficult time. Please treasure every moment you have left together.

      6. He just died 30 mins ago, he is still in my arms. It is so hard to let him go.

  5. I have been dealing with anxiety for 30 years plus.
    Even while on medications I still have panic attacks, especially when in a store shopping.
    Also, I am always anxious while riding in a car.

    1. That is so challenging! Thank you for sharing your struggles, it’s so important for us to share what makes us anxious so others know they aren’t alone. Driving makes me anxious too.

      Different grocery stores have delivery and in-store pick up. Maybe you could utilize one of those services if they’re available in your area.

      1. I have often thought about using a grocery service but I am fussy about what I buy.
        I like to see and read labels due to allergies of tree nuts.

      2. Then maybe order the things you know you can have via the grocery service and pick out anything questionable in person

      3. I wish I could say I would have the grace to do what you suggest.
        It is just a new concept, it probably works. I am old enough to remember having a milkman deliver your milk in glass bottles not plastic.
        So, with that thought maybe when I hit a terrible rough spot I just might try it.

  6. I’ve been struggling for years and it’s getting worse. My only unofficial support is my senior dog. It’s too much to handle without a support coming from your own family. I hope I will get through this alone.

    1. All of us here on the Bipolar Writer are here to support you! Maybe talking to a professional could be helpful for you. Pets are so helpful for one’s mental health 🙂

      1. True, if not for my poodle, life is so difficult. Thank you.

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