The magic wand

I can’t even remember when the last time I wrote here as a collaborator.

Since my last time on here, many, many things happened. I graduated from college, started graduate school and now started my internship as a social worker.
I always imagined how it would be like to be on the other side of the couch, being a provider, not the recipient.
I thought there is a magic curtain that therapists had, and they had a magic journal they kept their notes in.

But the truth is – there is none. As a provider (an intern provider to be specific), I still have my stressors, I still have my anxiety, and I still need help, just like my clients.
There is no magic curtain, and there is no magical way to take notes after each session nor remembering everything my clients share with me. It all comes with training and engaging with each client and their story.
The truth is, my life stressors will not go away, and I will not be able to “therapize” myself.
Being on the other side of the couch does not give me more power, but it rather gives me more compassion for these individuals. Compassion for their strength to keep living their lives, compassion for fighting for what is good for them.
I had a hard time wrapping my head around by the disappointment I faced in the latter half of 2019 as I started in August 2019. By realizing there is no magical healing wand that clinicians have, I felt lost.
Nevertheless, reading the posts by my fellow bloggers that are continuing their journey, encouraged me to get back up and keep fighting for the cause that brought me here. To advocate for equal mental health care for all and adequate resources for all the ones in need.
Until that day comes,

4 Replies to “The magic wand”

  1. Thank you for your compassion and the work you are doing in the mental health field. I appreciate the hard work it took you to achieve your therapist in training status. I know the wisdom from your journey will inspire your clients. Well done! -Rebecca

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  2. You will have such incredible insight when working with your clients because of your own emotional journey. Be very proud of yourself ❤


  3. Haelim,

    The fact that you are doing both it amazing and you’re working hard to make a better place for those dealing with mental illness. Be strong and keep the faith. I have worked with therapists and they are the unsung heroes of the mental health world. I would not have had the courage to share my story without therapy. So stay strong. Yes, I know its cliche.


  4. Thank you for pursuing the other side of the couch. That empathy and compassion is essential in the therapy field. I am forever grateful to my therapist who has helped me immensely because of her compassion and wisdom she acquired from experience.


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