An Update on The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir

I wanted to update all of you about where I am going with The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir. As of right now, I am in the process of transferring the ISBN over to me from my former publisher.

I will be self-publishing the memoir because it has already been formatted, and everything is there for me. Plus it has already been published once. I will be changing the cover as a good friend of mine came up with a new cover design that I am super excited about unveiling as soon as everything is cleared and over to me on KDP. I will be publishing both in paperback and Kindle versions. I will also be on other platforms for better distribution. Everything is looking up for my memoir.

I hope to use this platform as well as a new author’s website that I will be launching in March of 2020. When all this is settled, I will be starting my next major project, working on publishing two short stories, getting an agent, and working on finishing my graduate degree. I know my mom’s death changed me, but I am in a better place two and a half months in, and life can only go up as I go through the stages of grief.

Always Keep Fighting


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