Future Topics

I am curious, with the coronavirus a daily thing that we all have to do, I was wondering what people would like me to discuss in the coming days. If it is important than I would like to write about it here. It does not have to be a topic about the effects of coronavirus; it could just be topics on anything mental health-related. I am spending the weekend writing, and I would love to know what you think I should discuss. Leave your comments below.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

9 Replies to “Future Topics”

  1. Handling anxiety, when the bad things you are worried about are real and maybe even likely (because usually my anxiety fears are unfounded but now there’s a lot to actually be anxious about)

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  2. first off all I read your writings and ı really like them as far as you are bipolar and you expressed your feelings about being on the verge of suiciding , sometimes world examine us in different way ı dont know at what age you were diagnosed but now this you are not alone there are some people outside who were diagnosed with Bipolar but they dont want to show up we can not judge them ı look up to them . I read alot about bipolar and ı have got friend who is bipolar first ı didint know he had bipolar but something happened and it turn out that he has bipolar because he obscured his bipolar from me but ı understand him and you know what ı have gotten from my deep research and monitor ? you all as bipolar have different creativity the best musics ,quotes and art are made by bipolar maybe you hadnot knew but this is real . dont let your self down always stay up . take care of yourself brother .

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