Why We Should Share Our Mental Health Stories

OVER THE COURSE OF WRITING my blog I have shared so much of my experiences before and after my diagnosis in 2007. It has been the most therapeutic experience in my life. I never thought I could tell my story.  In the past week I have started to begin the process of expanding The Bipolar Writer into sharing other people’s stories.

I understand that not everyone is in a place where they can share their story, but when you are ready you should. I think the best thing I did in 2017, was find my place in my blog where I can write about my life. But beyond that, I never imagined that the therapeutic process of blogging my mental illness life could have so many positives. 

The other part of sharing my story, and that is it helps take away the negative stigma that comes with having a mental illness. I used to believe that being Bipolar is a bad thing. But writing my screenplay, my blog, and now my memoir has given me a new perspective on the stigma. I believe through shared stories it changes the narrative.

What I have learned from my fellow bloggers is there are so many likeminded people that want to share their story. We all have our own unique perspective to share within the mental illness community. I can share my story and it may parallel your own, but you have something to add because you went a different route in your mental illness.

I can’t imagine giving up my blog, because I have met so many amazing bloggers along the way that can empathize with my own plight. I think together, we can work towards changing how people who have never been in our shoes look at us. One word at time.


Always Keep Fighting

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7 Replies to “Why We Should Share Our Mental Health Stories”

  1. The problem is many people keep sharing their stories over and over.

    We heal by not thinking about our abuse or trauma.

    In the initial phase I agree, telling our story can be cathartic

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  2. For me the point of sharing stories is it helps others. It can help us too if we don’t obsess (see comment above). We need to know that we are not alone. It is important. Great post!

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  3. Living for this, especially with the current situation in the world. I know i have talked about it on my blog quite a bit. We need to think about our well being in highly stressful times. Thank you for this.

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    1. Thank you for reading. Now more than ever the need to share experiences so that others can know what it feels like and make changes accordingly. That’s why I wrote my memoir. So people could see the real side of mental health.


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