Lets Have an Online Mental Health Party

Photo by Sarthak Navjivan on Unsplash

Online meetings are not a new idea. I have been making adjustments in my work as a freelance writer to serve my customers better. I have used Zoom before, but in this world of “shelter in place” and “isolation,” it is one of the new ways to connect to the ones you love and, of course, friends but in large groups.

Always keep Fighting


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Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

26 Replies to “Lets Have an Online Mental Health Party”

      1. I should be looking for online income right now but I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so overwhelming and it’s in even more high demand because of this virus.

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      2. Yeah. It’s tough out there. I have been picking up projects lately because I need the money. Do you have a bachelors in something?


  1. An online party sounds real great! I’d love to join in!! Meet you and some new faces amidst this whole covid-19 buzz.

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    1. It’s fairly simple. You sign up and then you download the app on your computer. Then a person hosts the meeting and send out through email or text the link and password.


      1. Use it to connect with people in large groups. Its an amaizng tool that I use for my business, but its good for many things.


  2. We love zook especially in these hard times. I’ve been thinking of trying to organize a community bloggers type of thing with all mental health community bloggers. It would be awesome to be a part of something like that. Thanks for the post!

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