The Re-release of “The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir”

I have been working on getting back to this point. I am announcing that once again, The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir is finally available to buy once again on Amazon!

Working on getting my memoir republished all has been a humbling experience. So many hurdles came with republishing my memoir, but I learned a lot throughout the tribulations of these experiences. It is the same with being Bipolar–it is a learning experience. That is the essence of my book!

I will link to my author page below. If you purchased the first version of this book, you would notice that there is a different cover now. I wanted a fresh start with the cover design. I have put my book on Amazon in print and digital, if you want to purchase my book, please do from my author website page because there is a digital version of the old book still on Amazon. There are some old copies in print too, but those will not be under my name. I hope that the end of the week, the other digital copy from my publisher, finally takes off their edition. It takes time. Please purchase my with the cover above with the raven. I will be setting up some special offers for the re-release on Amazon!

Please purchase my memoir from my author website here!

Always Keep Fighting


27 Replies to “The Re-release of “The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir””

    1. Usually I have the person email me the blog article, title, a picture for the featured section, what name they want attached to the blog, and lastly the blog associated to you.

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      1. I was messing with my new website I forgot to update. Try it again and let me know if it works. I updated the link. I can’t believe I did that!


      1. Awesome 🙂 i also enjoy your name. It’s very unique, james edgar skye. Is that a surname or your actual name? Either way, that’s really neat !

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    1. Thank you. You got it on Kindle. If you like at the end please leave a comment. Even if you don’t please leave feedback it’s important to the writing process.


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