New Kid on the Blog

Not long ago, I went looking for relevant content by like-minded writers. The Bipolar Writer appeared in most of my searches and I decided to follow his collaborative blog. He extended an invitation to join the team, I accepted, and would like to introduce myself.

I am a mental health survivor with a diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar I. I raised four children to adulthood and have been married to the same supportive husband for almost forty years. Just stating those facts make me sound up and over the hill, yet I feel I’ve only recently begun my true calling.

Last summer was a milestone for me as I “celebrated” thirty years since my diagnosis. I don’t use the term lightly as the odyssey has been fraught with hospitalizations, medications, stigma, and trying desperately to fit into the unaffected part of society. I kept my illness hidden, or so I thought, from most people and I believe it had a detrimental effect on my emotional equilibrium. Keeping the secret was very difficult, especially when symptoms would arise.

Speaking openly about mental health in general is still in its infancy. In some ways, bipolar affective disorder has become the mental health maladie du jour. More people are aware there is such a thing as bipolar and candid conversation is necessary. I hope to bring my experience to this space, post about the topics that mean something to you, and provide the relevant content you’re seeking.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

~CBD  (my initials)

16 Replies to “New Kid on the Blog”

  1. I really relate to trying to hide my symptom and trying to fit into a circle when I am a square peg and society has no room for deviation. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences, it is long overdue for us all to start speaking up and speaking out.

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      1. You’ve given me a great topic for a future post. I will elucidate further but I find the subtle, mindless, insensitive comments the worst. Thanks for asking!


  2. Hi CBD,
    I relate to this post so much! I have rapid cycling bipolar 2 for over 30 years. Have been with my husband, my rock, for 22 years. Like you, I am fighting to stop the stigma. More people need to be educated! Thank you for your inspiring post and welcome! I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it! I wish you the absolute best 🌸 Hopefully we will get to know each other better! Be blessed! Be divine!
    Kindly, Tanya – Divinely Bipolar

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  3. Hi Tanya,
    It’s great to hear from you. I spent much of my past thirty years hiding my symptoms and fearful people would judge me. Getting over that has been liberating and given me more confidence. Best of luck with your new blog.

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  4. I do not have bipolar disorder, mine is complex PTSD

    Running a mindfulness group for NAMI introduced me to their challenges

    I want to say congratulations on living life fully

    And never giving up

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  5. I like to say, “everybody has their something.” It’s helpful for me to realize I’m not alone and this is a safe space. Thanks for the comment.


  6. I was advised by my previous boss to not reveal that I have depression, and to be honest I feel like by not telling, not letting that part of me be shown to my friends is really hard for me. Now some of my friend, and whenever I feel depressed, or feel that I am about to go into depressed mood, I would tell my family, and my friends, and by letting it out, I feel relief and I recover faster. Having moral support is definitely better than holding it in and keeping it a secret.

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  7. Hi Yunsheen,
    I completely agree. What a beautiful testament to speaking and living your truth. I’m glad you didn’t listen to that old boss. My best to you.


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