Community Mental Health Discussions – Zoom Calls for June 2020

In an ongoing effort to put both James Edgar Skye into the world and the most critical part, the continued discussion on mental health and mental illness in a safe setting. I have set the schedule for Zoom calls for the group called Community Mental Health Discussions (also the name of the discord channel) co-hosted by fellow blogger Kim. Here is the schedule for June.Saturday June 20th @ 2 pm Pacific Time (California)

Saturday June 20th @ 2 pm Pacific Time (California)

Saturday June 27th @ 2 pm Pacific Time (California)

The topics vary from meeting to meeting, and I would love to get more voices into the discussion. A note on the June 6th meeting: this Zoom meeting will be recorded to reflect (in a future post) what these meetings are about when discussing and chipping away at the mental illness stigma. 

There are several ways to become a part of the meetings:

  1. You can contact me directly by email:
  2. Use the Contact James Edgar Skye page
  3. Join our Community Mental Health Discussions discord channel by adding me: JamesEdgarSkye#4190

I post the Zoom meeting link in discord and email those who contact me to meet on the morning of the event. I hope to see you there!

Mental Health Topic Interviews

In an ongoing effort to expand The Bipolar Writer Blog, I have decided to begin one on one interviews with individuals on Zoom to discuss a mental illness topic of your choice. Please contact me here if you want to be a part of this idea

Always Keep Fighting


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3 Replies to “Community Mental Health Discussions – Zoom Calls for June 2020”

  1. These conversations are an experience. Once we speak of our personal experiences about our emotions and feelings and vent about these aspects of our experiences being invisible to the outside eye looking in, we realize how much more flow blossoms from continued conversations — this is breaking the stigma and taboo. Our conversations make mental health normal. Mental health is health and we all have our own to face.

    Joining these conversations is a way to release the chokehold this negativity towards our own mental health has on our health. It is in this way, that we can connect, person to person.

    Taking that first step to have these conversations is difficult, complex, scary….almost like venturing into the unknown…I am really grateful you have stepped up and hosted these zoom calls, James.



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  2. Do you discuss mental health, or just random things including religion, sports, etc. I was confused and still am about what is actually the focus of the group versus what also gets brought up. For example, I’d love to connect with a group and talk about my mental health, but not so much about sports or religion. Am I missing the point of the discussion room, or is it a no holds barred attack/defense room targeting anything and everything? I’d loved to join, but want to know what I’m in for.

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