Hiss of bacon – crunch of toast – syrup golden –  chocolate log

Butter dripping –  jellies crunching – fat a-crackling – mayonnaise

Samoosas and pretzels and quaint pastry squares

Puff them all for me baby

Tell them all for me : “Rise!”

Icing and sugar and lemon meringue

Salmon and fillet and mushroom and cheese

Suck through my teeth and go

in in and IN

Swallow and splutter and sweat gasp for me

I chew till my teeth bleed

I crunch till I spit

I gulp it all down babe

It hurts how it hurts

A feast in my belly

A fat arse in jeans

I’m a house babe

I’m a palace

I’m a freakin’ first prize

My mouth is so hungry

There’s an ache in my gums

My tongue waits for you babe

For Water and Salt

My throat screams for you babe

You made this my fault

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