There are Days Where I Don’t Have it, That is Okay

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I had a day, not one affected by depression interestingly enough, I could not feel even a hint of my dark passenger, but the energy I expended the day before was intense. I had one of those days where there was no focus, no grinding out school work, writing, and to be honest, it was great. I went for a walk. I went for a drive and found the beach my mom loved to take me to as a kid. I decided to go to the bookstore for the third time in a week. No plans, I decided to be spontaneous and not be so about my daily life. No problems to deal with, or expectations of what I wanted to be the end of my day. It was just me being. It felt amazing.

My life is usually so structured, I like it that way. Wake up at seven. Studying by 7:30-8 until my workout at noon, and then writing in any form. I eat dinner around the same time, and I schedule work stuff in-between all that, but today I had no pressure. Yesterday was one of those days. In the morning, I had school, workout, clients, a small little mental breakdown about an interview for a book I am writing in my local newspaper, help from my life coach, killed the interview, and then worked with a client until late in the night. But, my day was in complete flow. Today was just a different type of flow.

I love to share these moments because it shows that we can take days off in this mental illness life. I hardly took a day off since my vacation three weeks ago, and I prefer to work from the moment I wake until it is time to lay my head down. Today was a lesson and a good one. James, you need to slow down because life is too short, and there is too much at stake to work yourself to death. The universe was giving me a pass, but the depression for once was a non-factor. I know that my dark passenger will show himself soon, and I am ready because I have different skills to embrace him as a friend through the life coaching I have received.

Life lessons are what I take out of each day. It is okay to have days like these, it makes us stronger. I had a good day and accomplished nothing outside of this blog post. How about that? Stay strong in the fight.

Always Keep Fighting


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4 Replies to “There are Days Where I Don’t Have it, That is Okay”

  1. Some days are meant for dying, some for crying, and still some for lying-as in around! I have trouble getting nothing accomplished, but I’m getting better at it!

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