The Bipolar Writer Podcast Episode Three 

Living A Year Without My Mother – Grieving, Suicide, Life Coaching and Taking Responsibility

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

In this episode, I explore the last year of my life, from the start of my mother’s death on December 15, 2019, to the first anniversary today. I talk about how I was not living life to many months to opening up in Life coaching, living through a suicide plan, suicidal thoughts, depression, and find my way in this life. I talk about as much as possible with what I experienced this year. It is an honor to share this episode when I celebrate my mom’s extraordinary life that she had, and although she is no longer here, she will always be in my heart.

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Living A Year Without My Mother – Grieving, Suicide, Life Coaching and Taking Responsibility

Always Keep Fighting.

What is the worse that can happen?

James Edgar Skye

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15 Replies to “The Bipolar Writer Podcast Episode Three ”

  1. Hey James! I will have a listen. I am interested in podcasting myself. Can I ask, which platform do you use and what has your experience been like? Also, I just realized you authored a book. I will be picking that up just as soon as I am able. Is it self published? Thanks!

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      1. Awesome, thanks! I’ve heard some creator concerns about Anchor though, such as the fact that the content is not your own. I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience. Thanks!

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      2. I use podcast equipment. I am still working on building my studio ATM but the blue yeti microphone, the company is called Blue, is a great starter mix. Great price and professional sound.

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      3. That doesn’t mean at times I don’t use my phone because sometimes I will record a segment that is really on my mind.


      4. You’re welcome. I am still learning and using my early episodes to find my way. I hope you find the time to listen to an episode.


      5. Yes, I am soft spoken too. Podcasting will certainly help you develop that public speaking muscle. That’s one of the reasons I’ve wanted to try it myself.

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      6. Yes. My voice is weird at least for me but it was a platform I really wanted to get into and so I did. It made sense when it did but I needed a push from a kindred spirit and now I have plenty of interviews lined up and I am so excited about the possibilities of the podcast.

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